Aug 1, 2016

Starting over

Something just didn't (still doesn't) feel right.  I didn't know if it was the backstitched border, the Broom Stick Brown, the thread, or the color.  So I grabbed another piece that I believe is 32 count and started over.  But something still isn't right and the first try border and linen are gone so they weren't the problem.  The blue may be too strong for me (it's brighter than the photo).  The linen too light.  Something.  May do another grab 'n go later.
I had one tiny tiny cap and didn't think I could make a berry small enough.  But I did, all 2" of it.  I know many of you are asking for sources but it took me quite a long time and many hours to find them, and I plan to sell the finished berries.  I am not offering the seller as I did with the other caps, not now, but maybe soon.  I did not order through Etsy.  As I continue to rid the supplies in my sewing room, I may just decide not to bother with them.  You'll be the first to know.
August.  Augh.  Can't believe it. 
I am bitch, hear me roar.
Have a great start to the final weeks of summer. 

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