Aug 8, 2016

Third time

damn well better be a charm. 
 I was stitching last night when I noticed a very large slub running vertically.  As I always do, I try to pick the fuzz to the back.  This was that rottenrat linen with synthetic feel to its threads which I realized as soon as I tried to pick.  It wasn't a slub, just a piece of rope pretending to be a thread that immediately broke under a slight tug.  I removed it all and rewove another thread from the edge into the empty space, but it wasn't right.  That piece of rope left a space too vast to fill.  That's right.  Vast.  At midnight I was grabbing more linen and dyeing.  Sprayed with the darker solution after drying and it spit.  That's right.  Spit.  Several times.  Spit spit spit.  So I have larger spots mixed in with the fine.  I like it.
This piece is 12" wide and a lot longer than needed, so I will start on the rows and not worry about stitching the vertical border to make sure the length is proper.  That's right.  Proper. 
It's still not the warm happy golden brown of Sparrow, and very close to the first two failures. 
Tomorrow I am posting the recipe for the zucchini pizzarelles or pancakes that everyone loves.  And then I may be taking the rest of the month off.  Unplugging completely to enjoy the last few weeks of summer.  Still not feeling well and the monitor goes on Wednesday.  My cardiologist is on indefinite leave because of a sudden diagnosis and both Carole and I need to see someone else. 
Have a great day!
Save a big zuke for tomorrow's recipe.
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