Aug 7, 2016

Thank you Lynda!

She hit the nail on the head.  She asked "is the fabric the right way up?".  Being upside down and sideways myself, I had no idea.  So I got out my trusty sewing gauge, and looky here.

Going horizontal, I have 29/30 count.

But going vertical, it's only 26.
233 stitches ÷ 13 would be 18" length.  That's still smaller than I would end up with, but explains the mystery.  But doesn't explain why the weave looks even while being 3 or 4 threads off per inch.
I started on another piece of linen that I dyed in that group of browns, and checked the count both ways before starting.  I should have enough and the colors I chose should be fine.  The linen is warmer and happier than the crabass I wanted but that's OK.  What will I do with this piece?  Wet it and throw it in the dryer.  Usually, it comes out smaller with a tighter weave, maybe it will correct this.  Maybe I caused it when dyeing.  Whatever, I would never have thought to check this had Lynda not mentioned it.  So thank you again!
Have a great day everyone.
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