Oct 12, 2016

The slow Santa

Hi folks.  Is everyone happy it's cool?  Well I'm happy you're happy but I'm a bigger crabass than usual.  Get with it Spellcheck - crabass IS a word.
I told myself to never have a sale with variety.  Too many items to keep track off and the probability of error is high.  I did pretty darn good until this last sale and two orders were switched.  Another was delivered according to tracking, but missing. 
And I need you to check your Antrim sets (peacock) to see if the middle square's hole is drilled.  I know I spotted one but can't find it now!  Did we drill it?  Did I misplace it?  Did I mail it?  Good thing I hadn't finished all the bargello requests and could use a few blanks to replace the errors.
Carole's mammo was good, no need to return for one year.  She is relieved to say the least.  Her surgeon is fine, nothing serious, and she will see him the end of next month.  The doctor that performed her surgery was asked to leave this hospital (executive decision) so he is back in Pittsburgh and his patients here are heartbroken.  Wonderful man.  Between my appts and hers, we got the inside scoop.  My mammo was moved to next Monday.  Make sure you are all getting yours!
I took my Santa to work on while waiting at the clinics and because Carole was in a wheelchair (with electric brakes!) they kept moving us.  Once I got everything organized and started to stitch, I had to pack it up and move again.  He should have been completed by now and after these last items are mailed, I hope to make better progress.
The overdyed red that I chose has more of an orange tinge than the bluish reds.  I like it on this fabric because the other reds were too cool for the cool linen.  I changed the belt to black and need to pick a color for the sack.  I don't use overdyed very often and therefore, a misstep.  I should not have filled in on one side of the belt and then picked up the other side.  If I would have moved along the entire row, the shading would have lined up.  Noticeable to me now, but once the rest of the coat is filled, I'm hoping it will appear as if the light is hitting his overhanging belly.  Good thing I realized the proper way to use this thread or the coat to the right of the center trim would have been completely different.
Mark is at the farmer's market searching for the last of the tomatoes, and also more jalapenos.  We were going to make the jelly but decided on the cowboy candy.  That will be the last of the canning.
Have a great day everyone.  Check your boobies.


Cricket-bug Corner said...

I got mine smashed last year so I am good for now. Love love that fabric - thread colors are perfect. I added that pattern to my wish list but getting the fabric color right..... well who knows!

Mary said...

Santa is looking good. Funny, you are now looking for tomatoes and a few weeks you could not give them away! Went for my first cool weather walk after stopping in at library. Love this weather.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Santa is lookin' good!
Thanks for reminding your readers about the importance of an an annual mammo! I have had to have several biopsies but thankfully they have come back negative.
Hugs :)

Shelly said...

Very happy it's cool. Santa is looking pretty good. I see what you mean with the red floss looking orangey. Cowboy candy? I made some last year and they were soo hot I could not eat any of it. I gave the two jars away to heat-loving relatives!

Maggee said...

I am an April mammo! Done for this year! I realized that this December will be 10 years since my diagnosis! I am not sure if that is what I count for 'survivor' years, or from when I finished treatments... Whichever, I am past it and doing well! Your Santa will be nice when done, as always! Hugs!

Vickie said...

Santa looks good. I had the mammo last month and they found a fibroadenoma. FUN. NOT. They said I can keep it in there and come back for another mammo and another ultrasound in 6 months. This year STINKS healthwise for me Marly!!!!!!!!

Truus said...

Making a mammo is so important! I had mine last year and will be next year again.
Love your Santa and the colorchange will be okay when it is finished.
Take care and enjoy your stitching
Greetings,Truus from Holland

deb said...

I'm enjoying the cool weather (sorry), but could really do with another week or three with temps in the 60s/low 70s - indoor project needs pieces primed and painted, which needs to happen outside. We'll get what we'll get, I'm sure.

Santa's looking good, though I'm surprised the red is tending towards looking orangey - didn't think it looked that way in the hank.

Thanks for the mammo reminder - going to PCP next week and will get mammo apt set up then.

CJ said...

I really like that santa. Thanks for the reminder, I need to call for an appointment to have my boobs squished.


Winnie Nielsen said...

Love your new Santa in the making. The colors are fantastic. And yes, I have had my annual mammogram! That is always a must on my list!

Primitive Stars said...

Morning Crabass, just kidding, you make me laugh Marly so much, love ya.... Love your Santa, great work!!! Blessings Francine.

Barb said...

I think Santa's coat looks just fine. My important appointment is in Nov. Thanks to medicare it has to be one year apart.

Summer said...

Santa is looking nice. Happy Friday ♥

Jeanne Hammell said...

Is the sampler in your hand stitched? I love it!

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