Oct 9, 2016

What was I thinking?

Taking a break from print work and decided to make a path in my tiny parlor, aka stitching stash disaster of a room.  Missy/Midge/Monkey runs in there and in a matter of minutes, she is tearing into floss and fabric.  There is so much dust on the floor that you can see where she is sliding a fat quarter of linen, which helps clean the room.  My orders placed online the last few months have been for small pieces and eighths, all in dark shades, so I organized them by count instead of color in see through files.  To my surprise, 35 carries the most pieces!  How the hell did that happen?  I guess if a piece I wanted was not available in my comfort zone of 30, I upped the count just to get the color.  The 30 file is the least, 32 (which is acceptable) is running a hair under the big girl file of 35s.  The lone little file of 40 is because I could not pass up Dames of the Needle's Redwood.  Yep.  The big 4-0.  Worth it.  Even if I don't stitch it, the color is spectacular on it own.
Do you have a favorite color of linen?  Mine may be the 18th Century Sea Glass from R&R, followed by Dolphin, Antique Copper, Tin Roof, 18th Century Brown, and a few nameless dyed by me. I think my 28 count inventory may be moved to the sewing room.  I will keep a few pieces here but have always preferred the 30.  I do not need all the fabric.  Much of it is dyed and I'm not sure of every fabric's count, not something I could list to sell.  But I am finally selling my Land's End 8 Tall shirts and 10 Long Dockers that were never worn.  I expected to loose 5# and fit into them.  That was a decade ago and 5 turned to 40 in the opposite direction.  I may go with Ebay.
It will be a busy week, my doc appt. tomorrow.  Taking Carole for her mammogram Tuesday. My mammo Wednesday.  Taking Carole to Mercer Thursday to get her driver's license photo (which expires on Friday).  She didn't even mail it in yet to get the photo card to take to the center.  I'm hoping AAA will be able to take care of it and she can get the renewal before it expires.  If you wonder why I have to drive her everywhere, it's not that she can't.  They don't enforce handicap parking space violations and people park where they want, she can't walk any distance.  Our heart center and lab are both ridiculously long walks both outside and inside.  So she needs someone to drive her, drop her off, and get a wheelchair inside.   I told you the devastating news of our cardiologist's fate, and she was called Friday to cancel her appointment with the breast surgeon for her yearly exam.  He is now also suddenly on leave because of an unexpected diagnosis.
I hope you've had a nice weekend.  Mine turned way too cold for me!
It seems like summer was so long ago.
Thanks for visiting.
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