Nov 2, 2016

Coming this weekend

I only have seven sets and six hornbooks left, may have a few boxes by then also.
They are still curing and I prefer not to pack them for a few days, so the sale will open Sunday.  I will let you know the time beforehand.
It's so warm and beautiful today.  My sister just left and I have an hour before the leaf blower and I do our dance.  Sitting on the swing with a (finally) workable laptop browsing the Essamplaire's charts (having a sale) is about to happen.  Then the leaves again.  But honestly, do I need any more charts?  My desire to stitch has changed these last months and I already have large samplers I doubt will ever be worked.  I'll look anyway.
Santa is not finished because the slit thumb is still swollen and very painful, but improved today.  Mercer again tomorrow and I'll get another cabbage from the Amish, make another batch of halupki for the freezer, but will be a little more careful trimming the leaves this time.
Have a great day.


Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Marly,
Your sets look lovely and I am happy you now have a working computer!!!!
Sorry your thumb still hurts, but hoping it will get better each day!!
Take care and enjoy a break from the leaves!!!!
Heart Hugs~

deb said...

Glad your thumb's at least starting to feel better and hope finishes healing quickly. And you have a working laptop - yay!

Essamplaire's sale. I was trying not to look as I certainly don't need any more projects either. But.....

Rugs and Pugs said...

Hope your thumb heals quickly. I'm sure you bump it dozens of times a day!
Working laptop. Yeah!
Hugs :)

laceystitcher said...

I use Bag Balm that is used on cow udders when I have a cut; it really works well and you can find it in a drug store or Wal-Mart, Walgreens. Hope you are better soon. Love the beautiful sets you made.

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