Nov 3, 2016

Does anyone know

who designed this heart?  Never saw it before and LOVE it.  Maybe it was a club piece, but since I only see new designs on your blogs or Pinterest, I have no idea.  Thanks for your help!
I had an angel with me this morning.  We are taking Carole to Mercer (again) this morning at 10 so at 8, we were outside trying to get the leaves blown before the heavy rains come.  I always use the large gas powered push blower but Mark had it so I was using the hand held electric. Well, it stopped.  Only then did I realize that there I was in the rain, holding on to a high velocity electric machine!  The handle is plastic but I don't know much about conductivity, and since I was standing in wet leaves, maybe I could have been juiced?  Or just had my A-fib corrected.  The plug became loose and cut the source, which is very strange since there was a lot of slack in the two extension cords.  But, if it hadn't, I would have continued.
Thanks Dad.
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