Nov 9, 2016

Get your Fob on

Greetings folks.  Lori Andrews emailed the photos of her fobs and I wanted to show you how darn cute they are.  Santa, snowman, reindeer and angels.  And look at the very top, love that shoe, spider, pumpkin.  Cute!  Please excuse my fascination with these.  I have no shops, no shows, and I don't browse online shops unless I'm looking for something I saw on your sites.  I've seen a few beaded fobs but they were pretty nondescript, not as fun as these.
 I didn't realize the variety of beads for seasons and holidays. So I googled scissor fobs and saw ends with stars and hearts and needle threaders and fish and coins and wow.  Endless.
Lori sells at a shop but if you are interested you can email her at
These three are from a Focus on Finishing post from eight years ago. I put mine on the Lift 'n Snips since those are used often and I can now easily find them in the group. I know I bore you with these things that are so familiar to you, but there are a few stitchers out there like myself who don't get to see accessories and all the do-dads available.
I got the errands done this morning but forgot the cinnamon bread.  TOMORROW.  Sending Mark out for a few things because my sprain from four months ago is acting up.  It's the peroneal tendon that goes up the outside of the leg and let me tell you, it hurts.  Once again, the business that had the slurry outside their door that caused my fall, has no contact with me.  Asking only for the co-pays I shelled out, clearly their negligence, and their arrogance is just as bad.  Unfortunately, I didn't take photos of my skid marks or my cement covered clothes and also didn't get the name of the gentleman that helped Mark to get me standing again. Yes it takes TWO men for that task.  And yet, I'm getting cinnamon bread.
Thanks for visiting.


Robin in Virginia said...

Love the fob pictures you shared, Marly! And thank you for the link!

Maggee said...

I have several fobs, but they get in my way, so I tend to take them off! Oh well...

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Marly ! The fobs are SO wonderful, as I don't get to any shows or shops either, I DO appreciate seeing and learning of your great finds, thank you for sharing! Now to make a decision, the day is full of them and eegads to my decision making abilities these days.
I am ever SO sorry to hear your sprain is acting up, I am sorry. Good luck with contacting them and getting them to reimburse, don't give up as I am sure that is what they are hoping for!!!
Enjoy the day and again, thank you, Debbie in IL

Primitive Stars said...

Very pretty fobs Marly, love them all!!! Blessings Francine.

Truus said...

Love the fobs Marly and so sad to hear you are in pain again from that nasty fall.
Get better soon and have a great weekend
Greetings,Truus from Holland

Ms Peppercorn said...

I am one of those stitchers who doesn't know c___p about accessories and has never heard of scissor fobs so thank you! I tend to do without, you know, "I am not worthy" of spending money to make my life easier. When I finally invest in the right tool or "doo dad" I could kick myself for all the struggling I did.

C Reeder PhxAz said...

Great fobs at My Big Toe Designs. Lotsa other fun goodies she makes as well.

diamondc said...

Marly: MMMM cinnamon bread, I have lattes and you have cinnamon bread yummy, can I come over.
Love the scissor fobs, thank-you for the link.
I do hope your leg is feeling better super fast and soon.


Theresa said...

Love the scissor fobs. I made one in my EGA guild class. I have an Amish
Cinnamon bread recipe that I am going to try. Sorry your ankle hurts. I
am dealing with plantar facitis and boy does that hurt. Hard to walk on my
left heel.

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