Nov 8, 2016

What is THAT?

All the boxes are packed and shipped, went over them three times, double checked the list, confident that all is correct!  Good thing because this time, I have no extras to replace errors. 
I've had this column for a long time, thinking I would do sampler labels and different colors. Not sure if that will ever happen but if it does, wouldn't that look great?  But if that does materialize, I would sell the set because although I enjoy seeing the finished product, I don't want them any more!
I've been working on the ready to croak dinosaur laptop until the sales were over and I had everything set up.  What I didn't realize, is that the new sneaky one stole some of the emails.  When they are imported from the server to one laptop, the other laptop doesn't get them.  It must have its own timeline and do it automatically.  Lori Andrews from Get Your Fob On sent me a photo of the sweetest fobs with Santa beads and I wanted to show them to you, but that email was lost in the crash.  Lori, please send that email/photo again.  And Pam G., still waiting for you to contact me.
So today, before we went out for errands and voting, I'm looking in the mirror and thinking what a mess my hair is.  I mean, it has been since birth, but it's too long and weird.  I've had friends know it was me sitting in a restaurant when all they saw was the back of my head showing above a booth.  That's how messy it is.  Well.  I saw something else in that mirror.  And I took a tissue and tried to wipe it off.  Again.  Again.  Harder.  Upon closer inspection, OMG!!!  When did I get nose hair?  First the eyebrows fell off except for a few hairs thicker than a coat hanger, three of them migrated to my upper lip, and now - in my nose?  What the hell?  Everyone was intent on their voting machine and I'm thinking, what the hell?  I had to get groceries for my sister and as the clerk was slicing the Guggisberg swiss, I'm thinking - what the hell?  This is big.  I wasn't expecting this, not happy about it, and now I'm on nasal watch for a wire.  
I received my two new Kogut Santas, haven't decided which to start.  I won't get my Black Heart for a few days and I ordered more linen.  Why..... I don't know.
Have a great week everyone.
Thanks for making the sale a success. 
Cinnamon bread.  The best cinnamon bread, small, tight, rolled in sugar, Hermitage Bakery cinnamon bread.  I don't have any.  But I can't stop thinking about it so tomorrow morning while I'm doing more of Carole's shopping, yep.
Thanks for visiting.


Jacqueline said...

You just crack me up.

Kate said...

Thanks for my first laugh of the day!!

Mary said...

Believe me I needed this diversion and laugh today. Sorry it was at your expense...hahaha

Primitive Stars said...

I love your spence of humor and you.Hugs Francine.

Shelly said...

Haha! For me it's finding white chin hairs! Thanks for the laughs.

capecodgirl565 said...

I think I can beat day in the tub I looked down and low and behold saw a big dark hair growing out of my nipple! Sorry to be so graphic! I have been traumatized ever since. Truly, what the hell!!

Theresa said...

Definitely needed this good laugh today. I lost my eyebrows years ago,and I still wonder where they went. Lol.

Mombannister said...

I like to cross stitch. With 5 kids and full time job never had much if a chance to indulge my hobby. Now that youngest is in college, I do little projects, mostly ornaments. Your samplers are an inspiration to me! Trying to figure out how you do the boxes. Do you photograph finished pieces?

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