Nov 4, 2016

Santa's Hike + sale time

Found fabric from a pair of wool shorts that I used to wear in the winter, with tights, on thin legs, normal thighs, average butt, long before hysterectobelly.  Back in time when estrogen was plentiful and jawlines were tight.  It's the closest blue I can find to this odd linen.  I was thinking of a sack finish but don't know if I want to bother.  I'll set him aside until I have a few more new Santas stitched and see which finish would be best for them. 
If the new charts come in the next day or so, I will continue with the Santas but if not, I need to pick a small sampler.  And if you're wondering why this guy looks different, I left off the side greenery.
The sale of a few boxes and corner measures will be this Sunday at 8pm EST.  I will post that the sale is open and items will be on the FOR SALE tab beneath the header photo. It's not there now, but hopefully, with any luck, and cooperation from Windows 10, barring any hot flashes, it will be.  Same instructions as before, sales will be through emails only since most of you are no-reply.
Thanks for visiting.
Have a good weekend.

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