Nov 5, 2016

Windows 10 .... I give it a 4

Good grief.  I had to download Windows Essentials to get a decent mail program back.  And also Photo Gallery.  I removed Microsoft Edge and made default to IE 11.   Inspect Element, the idiotic html codes that I don't understand and no one needs is constantly popping up, as are ads.  I can't scroll, I can't save a website to the start menu or the taskbar, and a lot of other annoyances that were totally unnecessary for Microsoft to incorporate. I used to have the Blogger dashboard and Pinterest a click away.  And where is the File Edit View toolbar?  They say that Windows 10 is now a "service".  Maybe for the high tech users.  I am buying a new hard drive for the deceased Windows 7 laptop and having the touchpad fixed.  The email program from Essentials is the same as 7 and I was able to transfer contacts, which wasn't happening with 10's default program.  Thank goodness I can get emails on the new one now. I don't back them up so all were lost, even some from the last few days.  Pam G., I have not been able to contact you and still cannot!
So instead of finishing three boxes, I have been spending more hours on this crap. 

Anyway, thought I would show you the boxes for tomorrow, unless I get a few more painted.  There will be six corner sets, five hornbooks, and probably just these five boxes for Sunday's sale.  I still have the large 3 box set and a few larger hearts to make for another time.  I think this will be the end of the sets for a while.
Nitzy hid in the corner.  Poor little guy hadn't heard such offensive language in a long while.  Well ....  the Jay Z concert.  Nit is the skinny version of Bud who is turning quite plump.  I leave the food out because the three of them show up at different times, which allows Bud to consume 24/7.  Missy and Nit haven't made me bleed in a while, but the worm pill is coming soon along with another round of flea meds so I'll keep the peroxide handy.
Sorry for the electronic rant.  I go through this too often don't I?  I'm just relieved I was able to get some of Windows 7 features installed while disabling some of 10's.  And in the meantime, a bag of Mounds, a bag of Almond Joy, two bags of Snack Factory's dark chocolate crunch pretzels, a sundae from Burger King's drive thru, and two pounds of red grapes are now missing.
Back tomorrow for the sale!
Have a good evening.
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