Dec 17, 2016

And I thought my snow was bad

Good morning.  I came down with a head bopping sick day yesterday and woke up this morning to find a comment from the winner Krissy.  YAY!  But the poor girl lives in Minnesnowta, is experiencing outages, heavy snow, and well below zero temps (-37!).  I am complaining about the additional snow overnight, the crunchy kind, that needs to be pounded with a pipe to clear.  Expecting a 1/4" of ice buildup from freezing rain (the warm temp I was looking forward to), and then more white crap.  And look what others are having to deal with.  What a whiny wimp I am.  And probably always will be.
Chris was here yesterday and we were on speaker phone with his pump people for an hour.  FINALLY have it all worked out, it is still under warranty, the transmitter is being overnighted and he will have it today at noon.  One mixup after another but everyone that we talked to yesterday was so nice, so helpful. 
I tried to stitch last night but if I move my head, the dizziness ensues.  So I won't be working on the bell finish right now either. Just sitting upright, not moving much, watching three brats deposit hair as they buzz by chasing their toys.  Too cold for them outside.
Christmas is in a week!  Haven't made the dry cottage cheese pierogis yet for Christmas Eve.  Making meat manicottis ( and ricotta stuffed shells, meatballs and sausage for Christmas.  Today will be the cranberry pork tenderloins
Hope you have a safe weekend! 
Stay warm, pick up any strays and give them shelter from the cold.
Buy the ice grippers for your shoes.
Be careful!


CalamityJr said...

We're iced in here in central Illinois, too, but I think I have all. the pork roast ingredients. That sounds so cozy for this weather. Thanks, Marly!

CathieJ said...

I hope you feel better soon. We have about two inches of snow that fell through early morning and now it is raining. I am still decorating and just mixed the dough for Chocolate Crinkles. Your pork dish sounds delicious. I will definitely be making it someday.

C. M. Designs said...

I can't get started for some reason today. My son and I watched two Hallmark Christmas movies the first thing this morning. It's cold, damp and icy here. I think if the sun would shine I could get a move on.
Sorry you're not feeling well.
I ordered three of the snowman patterns from "All through the night" I thought they were very cute. Will give me something to do in Jan, Feb. and March.
Have a cozy weekend.
Charlotte in Va.

Shelly said...

I'm coming to your house for Christmas! Yummy sounding food! Hope you're feeling better soon. I'm sitting here watching three brats sleep and snore and depositing hair regardless!

Heritage Hall said...

Sorry you are feeling under the "weather"...but things seem to have been going
a bit more smoothly for you in the dilemma dept. Good news on Chris' pump. The
stitching mojo will return - go with the flow and enjoy the playful critters. The
frigid temps are keeping most of us homebound, where there are more than enough creature comforts and something to do...we are blessed. Hope you are feeling on top
the weather shortly and back to your creative culinary dance. Love the decorated Charlie Brown.

Jacqueline said...

Hope you feel better soon
Ice skating rink out there. Almost hurt myself getting out of the car when I got stuck on my driveway. My "up the hill" drive way. Walked up the yard in the snow to the garage and salted the heck out of it as I slid down to the car. Burned an inch or two of rubber off my tires but I made it into the garage. Now I am staying home and stitching, napping and eating . Not as well as you are going to be eating.

Penny said...

Sorry you aren't feeling well, Marly, hopefully, it is short lived. At least you have some furry entertainment. : ) Everything is encased in ice here - not my kind of weather at all. And I'll have to take a look at those recipes. They all sound so good. Take care.

Joanie said...

Sorry you're not feeling well, hopefully you will feel better soon! Please be carefu, my brother doesn't live far from you and he says it's nasty there!

Love your feather tree, where do you find them?

Cricket-bug Corner said...

We had a few inches and people were abandoning their cars on the highway! They aren't used to it here. Hope you feel better!

Carol said...

Hope you are feeling all better by Christmas! And thanks for all the recipes and your recipe blog--I had no idea you had a separate blog for your recipes. Where have I been???? What a great idea and one that I may follow to share recipes with my family members :)

Vickie said...

I hope you are feeling a bit better today? We got dumped on with the snow. Very cold here. So glad things seem to be in order for Chris now.

Maggee said...

Well, I am only two days behind now... getting there! So sorry to hear you have been feeling yucky. But it sounds like the weather is making sure you stay home and get better! I like the vintage ornaments on your primitive tree--very pretty! Stay safe! Hugs!

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