Dec 17, 2016

The bell attempt

Feeling a little better. My family tells me that once germs enter, if the hot flashes don't fry them, the bitchy will have them running for an exit.
 I played with the bell a little and wanted to share with you for your thoughts and suggestions before I go any further.
The shape is rough, basted, and just for sizing.  I used a heavy canvas on the back for body and am finishing it as I would any other to be stuffed, but I'm not stuffing it.  Let me try to explain my reasoning and method.
Making it into a true bell shape would mean that both back and front would be rounded, preventing it from laying flat on a wall or door.
It would be nice hanging freely, but where?  And with no extra linen in this color, the back would be a contrast.  So I'll sew a backing to the stitched piece which will serve as the lining and finish off the edges. 
This is the very thick felted wool product I chose for the back.  The color blends nicely and the edges need no finishing.
So the plan is to hand sew the finished Santa on to this wool back, raising the Santa to create the bell with the curved front.  I don't know how else to do it.  Once the back of the bell is attached to the finished front, I may have to stuff with fill half way down to keep that shape, and probably need a piece of mat board/cardboard cut to that half circle arc pushed up inside to hold it.
This way, it will lay flat on a door and have the shape of a bell (well .... half bell), and I can have the jingle bells extending down.  I can add a trim of some sort to the hand sewn edge, but I think I will sew the front edge over the thick wool edge to hide it.  If I get that far.  But really, once the bell shape is tweaked and the backing sewn on, this shouldn't be difficult at all.  The wool (Michael's, Hobby Lobby all have it) which is super thick, can be trimmed easily. 
  Do you think the backing material of the Santa front will be sort of loose and maybe hang?  I hate to fuse it.  Wait.  How about using Mylar (stencil blanks) inside the bell part, cut the same shape as the front piece?  Yep.  That's what I'll try.  I can poke a few needle holes on the sides and stitch it to the front's backing.  When I sew the front to the wool, the Mylar will bend also and keep that shape, and also press against the front's backing so it stays in place.  Hey.  Everything sounds good, but that doesn't mean it will work.  We'll see. 

 Any suggestions? 


deb said...

I like the idea of using the mylar for shape - no sagging there! Would think the canvas should work fine, but if using it, I'd be tempted to make front-to-supporting-fabric seam roll to the back (uh ... inside?) so it couldn't end up peeking out. And that's probably more fussy hand stitching than you want.

Love the idea of making this guy into a bell, by the way!

C. M. Designs said...

Sounds like a plan to me. Love the bell idea. You explain how you think you're going to do it so well.........I'm sure it will be beautiful.
Love the Santa too.
Charlotte in Va.

Barb said...

I think you have thought it out very well. Since any kind of finishing is not really my thing, I can't be much help. I do think it is going to be very pretty! I love the idea of the bell shape.

Jean Bee said...

If I doing it I would cut the Bell shape out of whatever hard surface you want then I would lay the linen on top of it, clip all the curves ...I'm assuming you'd leave about 3/8 " off linen to clip and wrap to the back....wrap it around the back of the stabilizing peace and glue it in place. Then I would cut the backing piece out of wool or wool felt and whipstitch it on to the linen covering the back and the glued linen edges. If you wanted the front piece to be raised you could put some stuffing in there before you glue the linen to the stabilizing piece.

Jean Bee said...

Oh, I meant to say " if I was doing it"....not If I doing it...
And I love to do tedious work like I tried to explain!

Jean Bee said...

Well, now that I went through all that I realize you have already cut the linen so it's too late!

Heritage Hall said...

It would be great if you could get the mylar to "arc" and be
stabilized by the linen front, then attached to the flat wool
back. A layer of wool flannel over the mylar first might give it a
"softness" of appearance. Reminds me of your pears... did you use
mylar in those? Just love the idea of the bell shape augmented by
the bell clappers.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking you could make the backing fabric not as wide as the front, so the front would "bell" out when stuff a little.

Cricket-bug Corner said...

I like the shape. It will loom great with bells hanging and a ribbon loop on the top. I like the arc idea - front bowed back flat

Margaret said...

I'm not giving any advice cause I have no clue and you are the brilliant one. Looks good to me! I read your last post too -- glad to hear that pump is finally coming! Geesh! Sorry you've been under the weather. You have vertigo?? I hate vertigo. It's the worst.

Winnie Nielsen said...

I have no suggestions but what you are proposing sounds like a lovely finish. I do like that thick wool backing.

Carol said...

I love how you analyze each step of the finishing process, Marly! I know whatever you decide, it will look fabulous. Each time I see the BOAF "boys" in your header this time of year, I ask myself why I haven't stitched them myself. They are fabulous. Do you remember what linen you used, by any chance?

Theresa said...

Love the bell idea. I am not a good "finisher" either, but what Jean Bee said
in this discussion makes sense to me. Glad you are feeling better.

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