Dec 2, 2016

At this rate,

Santa won't be stitched until January.  Just leave it alone and follow the design!  At least I have the linen chosen, but must make a decision on this guy today.  The way I feel right now, it's Santa #1 with head #2.  Or Santa #3.  Santa #2.
Nothing happened at the meeting yesterday, because there was none.  It is now 12/7 but she did let him know that she is doing everything she can to get the sensor to him.  It has been on backorder for almost a month.  A life saving medical device item is backordered?  I'm taking to their Facebook page today since they haven't answered through messenger.  Very good company and has been great for 30 years.
Started decorating and then stopped.  Really not into it anymore.  Maybe because these procrastinated projects have kept the house on hold, a mess, in limbo, and I'm stuck in my own mud.  Eight trees from medium to very small, lights on a few, and sprigs of greenery around.  Outside, I have large baskets on the doors (thank you magnets!) with fresh greens.  We did move that very large cupboard we built into another room which created a rearranging nightmare.  Once I removed the contents for moving, I then started changing everything.  One thing I did do that will help the kitchen, was to buy those small square bins for the top shelf.  I loaded them with boxed and bagged items and now I can just slip a finger into the bottom of the bin to pull it down.  No more searching and stretching for the back of the shelf.  Fit perfectly.
One of Carole's Christmas parties is today and the Guardian Bells came in yesterday.  She's excited to give them to her friends that need nothing.  Hard to buy for those that have it all isn't it?  I bought a few more also.
I hope to have the Christmas giveaway soon but honestly, haven't come up with anything just yet. 
My warm days are now gone and baby it's cold outside.
Have a great weekend!
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Mary said...

Love the cuddling cats...aww. If you won't my 2 cents worth...I like striped leg and sweater Santa. I am doing less for Christmas this year. Pre lit white lights on tree with all my glass icicles ( I have a lot). I may have said that before , forgetful. Don't fret about too much holiday decorating.

Lynda (Granny K) said...

I like the touches of green and yellow on Santa 3. Compared to him Santa 1 looks a bit depressed. Santa 2 is nice too.

Jeannine520 said...

Weighing in on the Santas - I like the middle one best (I really like the longer legs) but would stitch it with the buttons like you have on #3. What sweet kitties. Mine are too jealous of each other to cuddle like that (of course it's probably not cold enough here in CA to inspire that).

Anonymous said...

Very cute picture of the cats. They have the life, don't they!!! I like Santa #2, then Santa #3 and Santa #1 is last. Santa #1 is cute but he looks a bit worn out - like he's already had too much Christmas. I always look forward to reading your posts. Keep warm! kelley

Anonymous said...

Hi- I like santa #2 and #3. very cute what you did with #3.

capecodgirl565 said...

For my two cents, I like Santa #2 but with the addition of the placket and buttons that #3 has on his coat. Hope things work out with Chris, sending prayers. It is freaking freezing out here in Illinois and supposed to get colder. I am not a hot weather gal but the older I get the colder I get!

Vickie said...

Love the picture of Missy and Bud.

Margaret said...

Been catching up on your posts. Such scary things, what Chris is going through! Those bells! OMG! Thanks for the link to them. I think I need to buy some now! Was looking for stocking stuffers and these are perfect. (Backordered? Seriously??)

C. M. Designs said...

In this day and time, one really has to keep on top of the pharmacists, medical companies, etc. My daughter is having a hard time getting her arthritis meds coordinated.
My preference would be Santa #2. I like his longer legs.
Missy and Bud have the right idea. It's a good time to snuggle for kitties.
Hoping that Carole will have a wonderful time at her party.
Your decorations sound perfect to me.
Have a great weekend.
Charlotte in Va.

Winnie Nielsen said...

I love Santa #3 because his colorful striped hat just gives him a different take and more fun. How I understand the pressing disinterest in doing lots of holiday decorating. I think all of us feel that way as we grow older. It just isn't fun anymore to drag out all that stuff and then have to put it all back in a month. From what you have shared, your house is so gorgeous that it stands alone. Besides, in keeping with it's era, not much was done for Christmas decorating anyway besides a few springs of green and some exotic fruits. I love the simplicity of Williamsburg at Christmas. Besides, I would prefer a good bowl of Brunswick Stew and Sally Lunn buns in lieu of a ton of decorations!

Theresa said...

Our House looks like National Lampoons Christmas outside. Inside is all decorated too. I love to have the house decorated. It is a lot of work, but its only once a year. Love those kitties. I love the #3 Santa.

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