Dec 3, 2016

Old stuff

Hi folks.  December.  I hope January and February go by as quickly as October and November have.  Are you ready for Christmas? 
   I peeked outside to see if the grapevine tree was lit and caught a glimpse of something that wasn't there before.  So I backed up and took a closer look.  Could it be that little devil that always gives me a hard time?  Yep.  That's my Nitzy.

My brother was going through some old items in his basement and found this American Needlework slipcase of patterns.  It has enormous foldouts of various types of needlework.  I found one for cross stitch and it has a few repro samplers, but the companion book is not included. 
I like them but they are too detailed for my waning desire to stitch, and without the book for instructions and details there isn't much I can do anyway. 
 Embroidery, quilting, hooking, lots of really nice super large patterns.  The book can be found somewhere online I'm sure, but I don't want to be bothered, will send it to Goodwill.  A little mildew odor from being stored in the basement too, so they may not take it.
 He also found Kennington embroidered and quilted western shirts with pearl snaps from the 70's!  I think we'll try Ebay for those.
My procrastination has cost me the sale price on a range I wanted.  Couldn't make up my mind, and I see these "sale" prices all the time and really thought it wouldn't change.  It did.  By a lot.  The burners still work once in a while, but the oven keeps shutting off so we'll manage until we decide on repair cost or replacement.
If it wasn't so cold out we could finish the leaves and pick up the branches in the yard from the high winds the other day.  I don't see any warmer temps coming in the forecast.  Being a crabass will never change, but I can be a happy crabass, or a crabby crabass.  Five months to happy.
Hope everyone has a nice weekend.
Thanks for visiting.


Earlene L. said...

Marly you make me laugh! Love the first picture with kitty.
Wishing you a wonderful winter!!! oxoxo

Cricket-bug Corner said...

Love the picture with the cat. Fun find.

Jenny Wright said...

I would love to have those patterns. I could send you a money order to chat VERY the cost of mailing them to Canada.
Any chance we could do that?

deb said...

Nitzy is such a cutie peeking out at you.

Am afraid our yard is done even though the last sprinkling of leaves sits atop the grass - we've gone into wet-and-cold and it seems determined to stay that way. Good luck with the range ... for what it's worth, we had one I *really* liked but I balked at replacement cost when the electronic panel died so we ended up with a new one. Hated it until the day we sold the house (sigh).

Frances N said...

Sweet kitty picture!
I've complained recently about the drought conditions we've had in MS. Well, I watered and watered because I had my yard sodded. Now it's been raining so much that there are leaves and sticks everywhere. I got out there and picked up all the sticks. It looked better. It's raining and blowing again now!!! I cannot win!! haha

Truus said...

Lovely picture of your kitty peeking from behind the plants.
A friend gave me some books and charts from the 1970 and I love them. Yes a little smelly but laying them outside for a few days the smell has gone.
Have a great weekend
Greetings Truus from Holland

C. M. Designs said...

Was just thinking, "where has Nitzy been". So glad to see him in your Christmas decor.
As my daughter and I were raking/blowing leaves, yesterday, we found jonquils peeking up from under the leaves (on the sunny side of our house). Spring will be here in no time and I'm looking forward to it.
Have a wonderful week ahead.
Charlotte in Va.

Primitive Stars said...

Oh love the decorating even cuter with the kitty. Blessings Francine.

Rugs and Pugs said...

I hope January and February fly by, too. December can slow down just a bit.
Hugs :)

Barb said...

What a cute kitty photo. That is one interesting group of needlework information.

Winnie Nielsen said...

Every decoration is better with a kitty in it! I love the sweet simplicity of your porch decorations. I've never seen a grapevine tree so big and I love it for a porch or for the indoors. The old stitch patterns are interesting and fun to see what was popular awhile back. Thankfully Dove chocolate has put out lots of fun holiday combinations so hopefully that will help see you through these cold days ahead!

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