Dec 29, 2016

Same old same old

Hi folks.  We had our Eve dinner Tuesday and all was tasty except the smelts.  The clerk said they were lake smelts, but I think not.  The spine was very thick and sharp, taste was very fishy.  Not our usual lake variety.  Next time, frozen, not fresh, since they don't know the difference.

Carole came and was feeling pretty good, I had to cut her hair after everyone left (and I was tired!).  Today, she is in bed, coughing her short-haired head off.  Forecast for freezing rain followed by snow, which means ..... yep.  We have to go get her groceries, again before the weather hits.  This happens every year, all winter.  She's only been shopping once since Thanksgiving, and relies on Chris to "pick up a few things".  So once again the list was long.  I am definitely cancelling the manicotti and shells dinner for Friday.  I'm not having Mark attempt that driveway to pick her up and she is too sick to be around us.  I'm wondering how many of us will come down with the same thing.  She sounded OK yesterday but maybe medication was masking it.

Nit has been coming into the family room and making himself comfortable as long as I don't touch him.  But this is the carpet where Bud lays for Mark to scratch him. 
And this is Bud giving him a stink eye warning to move or get beat up.  "That's my spot, my carpet kid!  Move it!" 
Neither are wondering where mom and wife Missy is.  I found her for them.  In the little parlor where I keep my stitching supplies.  I got pretty close to her before she woke up and bolted.  Damn brats.
This is the bag of linens sitting next to her that I no longer want.  I don't know why.  Wrong count, wrong color, wrong mood, been around for years.  I just hope I don't reconsider and put them back in the drawer.  Books and other items are going too as they have been for a year!  I hate that I never seem to complete tasks, plans, projects.  Hope to change that in 2017.  Sure I will. 
Without anything else planned, I can work on the Santa and hopefully finish it.  Once I am away from a project, I rarely go back, but all I have to do is fill in.
Just heard about Debbie Reynolds.  Wasn't expecting that.  But no one expected a 60 year old to have a massive heart attack either.  This is why I bite my tongue, we just don't know from one day to the next how lives will change.  But if the person is a rotten name-calling vicious judgmental prick deliberately doing harm, I really don't care if my tongue slashes through to their bone.  Is that insensitive?
Be safe. 
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diamondc said...

Hi Marly: Insensitive naw just saying it like it is I like a strong woman.
I like that Santa, you are almost done yahoo.
I hope the icy conditions do not appear, we had that mess last week, hard to do anything even get the mail.
I hope Carole is feeling better soon.
Stay well my Friend.
The cats looks so content, the stink eye that cracks me up.
I love smelt but can tell the difference between the lake and river smelt.


Winnie Nielsen said...

Marly, your black kitties crack me up! Cats have so many funny ways about them too. I only have one kitty but he pretty much rules the roost around here. Your weather up there is tricky this time of year and I hope you and Mark are extra careful yourselves with the ice and snow. Hopefully Carole will be getting over her awful cold soon. Such a bummer to be sick at the holidays too!

You know, I wouldn't think twice about getting rid of stuff you have lost interest in. The past few days, I have been on a tear to clean out and organize. I've loaded up trash bags and boxes for the thrift store and it is giving me energy to release that old stuff that I keep hanging on to for no good reason.

Have a nice upcoming weekend and I hope you have a good start to 2017!

Berit said...

Your meal sounds wonderful, outside of the fish. yuck. I like fish, but somehow your description of their faults was very vivid! We just had our Christmas breakfast this morning ourselves due to some circumstances. (Egg and Sausage casserole bake, fresh fruit salad--it was simple , but fantastic.) I just love your outdoor-kitties-indoors pics. This is Because I love tuxedo cats. Thanks for always helping me get my fix!

Maggee said...

Such a sad time for the Reynolds/Fisher family... I wonder who you could be talking about... I don't think it is insensitive. That would require them to be sensitive in the first place, and if it is who I think it is... forget about it!! We are doing some renovations around here, so LOTS of changes and packing and cleaning... Sigh! And I have stuff I want to do too... Will be a busy year! Have a happy New Year celebration(maybe with no one else, so you don't get sick?)! Hugs!

Cricket-bug Corner said...

Prick? Wowzers my jaw hit the floor! I think you are fantastic the way you are! Are you going to sell your unwanted fabrics?

Robin in Virginia said...

Love the stink-eye picture of Bud! Made me chuckle! I hope the ice doesn't come your way. Your Santa is just about finished; he is cute.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Great kitty pictures.
Life is definitely a gift and we must be thankful for each day we have.
Hugs :)

diamondc said...

Greetings Marly: Are you selling your books and fabric, I may be interested.


Primitive Stars said...

Hey Marly, meal sounds so yummy, mouth watering... Gotta love the kitty pictures, lol, stink eye.Blessings Francine.

deb said...

Our two cats have similar discussions about fleece.

Heritage Hall said...

Just love the Santa and hope you will finish him...
Sorry that Carole has been laid low over the holidays....
you guys are so considerate of her needs...bless you.
Be careful if you must drive.... better to stay home
and be entertained by the cat committee... Enjoy...

Theresa said...

Love your cats. You are such a good Mom to them. Can't wait to see your Santa progress. Hope Carole feels better soon.

TheCrankyCrow said...

I haven't seen a good stink eye since I left my job at the county LOL.... And gee...that "insensitive prick" comment....did you work there too??? ;o) Lots of junk germs floating around...and I am always so pleased when someone feels the need to come share them with me for no particular reason other than perhaps that I catch anything and everything I am exposed to.... So, now I will suffer through the sinus infection and bronchitis that usually follows...and miss my usual visits to my mom.... Oh well, that's life...that's (friggin') winter. Really, do we have to skip the manicotti??? Dang. Well, enjoy the new year.... hope it treats you well. (And that's a lotta linen!! Eeeek! To think I can never find what I am looking for when I'm looking for it....I should just play "go fish" with you....) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Von said...

Sometimes I miss having a cat around, like when I see pics of yours. :)
Wishing you all the best in 2017!

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