Jan 1, 2017

Shrink to fit

That would be wonderful wouldn't it?  Unfortunately, it doesn't work on backsides getting into jeans.  And sometimes I have an issue with linen.  More so on WDW than others, but never on my unbleached rough stuff.
First of all, I finished Kogut's Primitive Santa with all the changes I made.  I forgot to add the hat tassel and still may.  Stitching after the finish is not uncommon for me and it works pretty well.
But the problem I have (created by not using a hoop) is a wonky edge to the stretched out linen as you can see.  The top edge is cut even with the linen thread and the sides have a thread pulled.  I usually do this and then pin to the ironing board so it doesn't move when fusing the interfacing.  If the facing is fused to linen that isn't perfectly straight, the finish will be wonky as you know.  I was using a heavy washcloth beneath because of the buttons.
I measure across the top width and bottom to see if the measurement is the same, also do that top to bottom on corners.  This one is 3/8" off and I stretched and steamed the linen's top width as much as I could to gain that 3/8", but it reached its limit.  Nothing I did pulled the stretched out wider bottom into alignment.
 So the bottom width was not going to line up and that's OK.  I like to follow the linen's threads when machine sewing for a really nice edge but it's not always possible.  You can see how the missing thread line is out from the interfacing which is the correct width.  As for closing the bottom, I tried Aleene's Fabric Fusion and did not like it at all.  Tacky is much better.  The Fusion did not grab quick enough.
So that's it for Santas.  Still have to assemble the bell but the cross stitching is completed.  On to a heart or sampler.
Hope everyone's New Year's Eve was enjoyable.  Many like myself prefer to stay home and not much routine is changed.  Others like to celebrate. 
Sun is out melting the snow.  Maybe golf tomorrow!
Thanks for visiting.
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