Dec 19, 2016


Hello folks.  Seems like we've all been experiencing frigid temps and icy conditions.  Enough said.  Why give villains top billing?
First off, I can't answer your comments because everyone is no-reply.  I still refuse to join Google+ and Googlemania because I do not want my personal preferences changed and dictated by someone else.  That being said, I can't even leave a comment on some of your blogs because of it, forcing me to join.  Nope.
So here's the thing about the linen.  If you want printed linen, I suggest purchasing it from Kanikis ( or The Primitive Hare (  It is professionally done and a better option.  I'd been printing and transferring for a long time, for muslin sacks, sachets, labels, book covers, and had tried linen but wasn't happy with the outcome.  Linen is rough and the weave has too much texture to result in a crisp (or even close) outline.  Not with my method.  I purchased script graphics several years ago which is what I used for these and a piece of red script fabric I was lucky to grab on Etsy.  I have linen that I don't like for one reason or another so ruining a piece was no big deal.  And several attempts were failures, which can get costly.  Especially when you forget to reverse the image.

I have the few pieces shown here which will be used for hearts.  I'm not happy with the red, may try one more time on a lighter linen.  I have several pieces of antique white in a linen grab bag that I will sell in the near future, and one of those may be the ticket for the red ink. 
I need to focus on dinner here for Eve and Day, cookies/desserts, getting the house clean, and applying flea meds without bleeding.  Not to mention .. worm pills.  MEDIC!!!  I may be seeing one anyway if these extreme and sudden jolts above my ear don't stop.
Have a good start to your week.

Thanks for visiting.


Janet said...

I really like all your stitching...And after reading your blog for the last while I've been encouraged to dig through my floss and linens and re visit cross stitching...( I enjoy this..Why did I ever stop)....So thank you 😊

C. M. Designs said...

Janet, Marly is the person who got me started cross stitching again. I love her Prairie Schooler Santas and all of the other pieces that she does.
Marly, my daughter is making zucchini casserole for Christmas Eve. We'll have a salad and some rolls. Don't know what dessert will be.
I'm not cooking Christmas Day either. I plan to have some baked chicken, mashed potatoes and fresh green beans another day.
I hope your week will be all you want it to be.
Charlotte in Va.

CathieJ said...

I just have to get ready for Christmas day and I am somewhat stressed. I can't imagine having both days. Good luck with the pets and I hope you are feeling better. Love those linens by the way.

deb said...

Fascinated by the look of that linen, but not something I'm likely to do. I'll just watch you, okay? ;)

A bunch still to do here for Christmas, but daughter was retrieved from Pittsburgh airport easily and safely last night - I am content.

Lynda (Granny K) said...

I'm loving the stitching on the printed linen. Your work is such an inspiration, thank you and Merry Christmas! xx

Truus said...

You are a busy woman Marly and I am glad that we will go Christmas day to my sister in law for her birthday. So I have nothing to prepare for dinner.
Like your printed linen and stitches.
Greetings Truus from Holland

debbie haggard said...

Hi Marly, not sure why you don't like the red but it is gorgeous from this view! Flying tomorrow from Texas 'home' to Michigan for a white Christmas and Polish traditions. Very excited! Have a wonderful holiday with your family!

Del said...

Hi Marly, love the printed linens. I am up to my armpits in Christmas jobs. Am cooking a traditional dinner for eight people Christmas day. As far as weather goes - here in Adelaide, Australia it will be 104 degrees Fahrenheit Christmas day and the day after, followed by about 99 degrees the next day. I would love some snow!! Never seen the stuff in real life. Wishing you and yours a wonderful Christmas.

Vonna Pfeiffer said...

Your stitching on the linen is stunning and perfectly fits you. Merry Christmas Marly (and family) may you all enjoy love, peace and happiness!

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