Dec 18, 2016

I couldn't wait

when I saw The Primitive Hare's ( new Christmas chart she graciously offered to her readers.  The fabric will be available soon, but not soon enough for impatient crabs.  I had a little piece of 30 count in a very gray sage green, and went to work.  I may not even finish Santa before I start this.

I tossed 3787, dark red, and sage green on this odd shade of linen and I believe 3787 will do it.  I don't care for printed, dotted, checked linens, but her design on it, and the simple designs on the dotted hearts, spoke to me.  Loudly.  The print is not as prominent on this color linen as the tans I tried, and I prefer it.
 Ignoring the pile of large sampler charts may be a key to feeling needle love again.  Just don't think about them, feel pressure to stitch them, and put them away.  Work on the smalls until I'm ready, and if I don't want more small pieces in my collection, I can always enjoy the stitch and then see if they would sell.  Sounds like a plan.
No comment on the weather.


C. M. Designs said...

I'm so glad I "tuned" in today. That is a sweet little "Christmas Bells" chart.
Your plan to stitch some small things sounds good to me. They go quickly and are nice to place in your decor.
The weather is not to my liking today. Feel like a hermit ! Plan on venturing out tomorrow.
Happy stitching.
Charlotte in Va.

CalamityJr said...

That's going to be beautiful! I've never had fabric with writing on it, but I'm thinking I need to find some. Can't wait to see your finish.

Truus said...

I have some quilt fabric with writing on it but never saw this for cross stitching!
Love it!
Enjoy your stitching!
Greetings,Truus from Holland

Margaret said...

It really is a pretty design. Have fun with it! (I cracked up when I read your non-comment on the weather. lol!)

Robin in Virginia said...

Looking forward to see your piece by The Primitive Hare! It sounds like a great plan to work on smalls.

Theresa said...

Love your choices. Love this design.

Elizabeth said...

How did you print the lettering on the linen? Thank you!

linda said...

I love your plans. I also had to just move on and not worry about my hoard. Can you tell me again the designers of the Santas.

Annmarie said...

OH Marly, please STOP (not). Now I have to do this one too, along with the Santa - shaped into a have me going in circles figuring out what to do. I find your choice of smalls interesting. I've decided to continue with my favorite (wallets) BUT am also doing smalls - all are seasonal - Christmas, Halloweeen, Easter, etc. I'm have such fun with it. I'm continuing with the Mary Alsop wallet but am right now concentrating on Stacy Nash Christmas at Hollyberry Farm (left off the alphabets). We'll see how that works out. LOVE to keep up with your blog. THANKS and have a Merry Christmas

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