Jan 24, 2017

A place for my ponies

Finally!  My ponies have been wandering around for quite some time, not able to find a good resting place.  The bag wasn't working, too large for a hanging pillow, what to do?  Well today I was working on the final few boxes I found, and while searching the new computer for the old files, came across the ponies circled.  ????  What the hell, give it a try. 
So I made the label and I was gobsmacked.  You have no idea how long I've waited to use that word.  And this is the time.  WHY did I not think of this before?  The poor ponies have been hidden in the dark, waiting, and it never occurred to me to try a padded round lid finish. 
 I will lose some of the stitching but that's fine with me. 
Then I remembered the stack of tall rounds waiting for labels and tried the larger size.  Bingo.
I don't want to use this very tall box and it belongs to a set I plan to label, so I will check HL for this size in the short series and if not, will use the smaller short and lose more of the stitching.  But at least I finally have a solution to displaying my ponies.

Whiskey for me and beer for my horses!!! 
Black Velvet Roasted Caramel will do just fine.
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