Jan 25, 2017

The Lion sleeps tonight

Greetings buds.  The Lion, Harry Tyler's to be specific, is on hold.  Although I love the colors of Weeks Dye Work's linens, I have a problem stitching them.  My tension is never good, but not as noticeable on a stiffer coarse linen.  The heavier threads in the weave don't collapse when I tug a little.  A softer linen tends to stretch out when I hold in hand and stitches are pulled in leaving a little space between, collapsing the weave. Normally it's not an issue but light floss on dark linen shows this much more and wasn't covering well. 
Barrick's 1848 Sampler was stitched light on dark (32 count Belfast Charcoal) and look how nice their flesh tone stitches are. 
So I compared the two and I could see I wasn't going to get good coverage for the large lion area.  They are the same count, and look how skimpy the bottom ones look on the WDW Gunmetal.
And now for the real truth.  I cut the linen too short.  Had no choice but to start over!  

But now I know to always use a heavier linen for light floss on darker ground. 
But did I stop there?  Hell no.  I kept looking at Harry's photo and thought the blue should be darker.  Should I try to order something online and hope I like it?  No.  I dipped the Charcoal into a mix of two blues and it's richer, deeper, good.  I'm hoping  the stitches will fill better and that I cut it correctly.  But honestly, I may set it aside and work on a small sampler.  Sometimes being sidetracked throws me off-track. Tomorrow will tell.

January is coming to a close quickly!  Enjoy what's left.
Thanks for visiting.
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