Jan 10, 2017


That's not litter!!  That's my crushed walnut shells!!!
She is a little sneak and while the boys stay sleeping in the back room, she runs up the stairs and hides.  I knew she was going into my sewing room and closet but didn't think about the plastic bin on the floor under the sewing machine.
After many attempts and failures, I'm only using two motifs from the Initial design.  This copper linen is 32 and the first stitch was 28 with a lighter background - much better.  This is too narrow for what the finished length would be. The idea was to have a few rows of over two alpha ending it with over one, then add the middle row down of the Initial chart. I will just complete the letters and crown and call it a day.  Still plan to stitch the original again.
The water treatment company is coming tomorrow morning to test our well water and determine what equipment we need.  We plan to cut the leaking top off the monster fiberglass holding tank and take it out to a friend's farm to catch rain water.  It has a spigot on the bottom for a hose so it will work out great for their garden.  If that doesn't work, cutting top and bottom off, laying it down, good shelter for critters.  I'm a recycler!  Ticked me off when I saw the neighbor's trash.  Several on my short road put usable furniture out for pickup instead of donating it, and after Christmas there were laptops, cords, and tons of Christmas string lighting on the road.  Staples takes care of electronics and Lowe's/Home Depot will recycle string lights and fluorescents. 
Mark is out shoveling.  Again.  While I try to drink coffee.  The 48 pound cold sore on my lip prevents the cup from making good contact but coffee through a straw isn't the same.  So I'll dribble my way through it.  Yes, I have a cold.
Have a good day!
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diamondc said...

Marly: I cannot believe how you make me smile, you Dear Lady have a wonderful sense of humor.
I like that Sampler beautiful colors so very vintage looking.
I am always amazed at what people throw away, it bothers me that they are so callous and do not think to donate, we are dropping things off at the Salvation Army store once a month, we are cleaning out closets, there are many stores that recycle for people, its a shame people are so rude and do not want to use the available resources, I better stop now I am getting upset.
Mike is snowblowing the three inch's we have now, more to come it sleeted before the snow started at 05:00.


Frances N said...

As a cat person, I just have to laugh (even though I know it's not funny) at the cat and the improvised litter pan!!! I don't know the reason, but she was probably wanting attention or asserting herself for you, as well as the other cats! Oh well!
Your stitching and re-charting, etc amazes me and your finished products are always great! How impressive!!!
I am appalled at what people throw away. I watched my neighbor move several years ago. She was dumping everything and moving out of state. She put stuff out at the street for a couple of days. I would go out there and go through it after 10:00pm because I knew her bedroom was on the back of the house and she couldn't see me! hahaha You would not believe the great stuff I got!!! (none of which I needed) But my heart sank when the garbage truck came and she had them crush her three wonderful square, wheeled garbage cans and a "portable closet" which is a wheeled clothing rail with a quilted zipper cover to keep your clothes clean. I would have taken it to the church for choir robes and also the garbage cans. I just couldn't believe it, as I was hiding and looking out the window!!!!
My mother instilled in me to never waste anything!!!

Paula said...

First, Bwahahahaha, walnut shells....Sounds like my luck.
Second, I had NO idea about taking lights to Lowe's. I wish I had known sooner!!
Have a great day!

Earlene L. said...

Good Morning Marly!!!1
Hope you get rid of that cold soon!!!!

Earlene L. said...

Was suppose to be hugs!

Heritage Hall said...

Hope you overcome that cold and its ornament soon. Thanks for the recycling hints.
My wise Aunt lived by the motto "Waste not, want not" and practiced responsible
"make due" and recycling. The kind of disposing you describe really trashes the
environment when the items are still usable and welcome by those in need. A large
warehouse in the center of town for "free exchange" items in helping others might be a solution...if you can find the hearty volunteer souls to organize and manage it.... In the "rush" of relocating, some just feel overwhelmed by the process and
"dump" ...Pity. Your blog is such a combination of humor and inspiration...

Rugs and Pugs said...

Hope you feel better soon.
Baaaaad kitty!
Hugs :)

Anonymous said...

Missy,you are beautiful! Marly you are amazing. You never run out of things to talk about. Love your stitching hints - They are always spot on and very helpful. Hope you get back to 100% soon!


Maggee said...

Your re-do will look fine... and I have no doubt you will re-stitch the entire sampler later. As for the trash disposing... It is a shame. I have lamented the 'throw-away' mindset. We recycle constantly. And I encourage people to do the same all the time! Hugs!

Anonymous said...

I can think of another reason people put things in trash rather than haul to thrift stores...No way to get it there. Unless you have a pickup, or know someone who is willing to help out, thrift shops that do at-home pickup do it only during weekdays, only in certain areas on certain weeks, sometime between 8 am and 5 pm, etc. If you can't get it there, can't take a whole day off work, or that schedule doesn't fit when you need it gone, putting it out for trash it is. Which brings a question - what do people do when large items are refused by normal trash pickup?!?! In Iowa, if you're lucky, the town has a special pickup day once a year for things like furniture and appliances.

I can only hope that people who do put furniture and such on the curb are putting "free on curb" notices out on freecycle or Craigslist, etc.

Carol said...

Oh, it infuriates me when I see perfectly useable goods out on the curb for trash pick-up. I am a rescuer, too, Marly, and have salvaged many an item to either use here or take to Goodwill myself! We are huge recyclers, too, and have had many neighbors comment on the tiny amount of garbage we put out each week :)

deb said...

Oh dear ... am sure Missy thought you bought her new, designer litter.

Ugh, I hate to see useable stuff go to waste! Around here, in April, the city does what they call "large item pickup" and during that month the metal hunters (there's a metal recycling place that pays by weight) and treasure hunters cruise around all afternoon and evening on trash nights.

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