Jan 8, 2017

The manipulator strikes again

Hello hello hello.  It's snowing.  Fine as fog.  Carole has already determined that trying to get up and down her driveway tomorrow would not be advisable, so she is changing her appointment to Thursday when we are sure the snow will be gone.  She is seeing improvement and continuing on the meds.
Stitching was stalled when our 80 gallon tank with the chlorinator sprung leaks and Carole called with a flooded bathroom at the same time.  Mark was kept busy!  Still waiting for parts to repair Carole's faucet and the vanity is drying out. Our replacement fiberglass tank is over $800 without installation.  Ridiculous.  After removing the equipment and changing the plumbing, we once again have working water in the house and need to have it tested and start over again.  
 I am anxious to see if my idea to expand the Chessie design will work.  My second choice for the 2017 start was Kathy's Black Heart.  But I've mentioned before about being a lazy stitcher and wanted the easiest route to a finish, so I did it again.  Changed the layout and adjusted the design to my level.  The project doesn't have to be advanced, it could be an easy stitch, but I need simplicity these days.  
I'm not a motif stitcher, prefer the letters and verse which is part of being a little lazy.  I know the letter patterns by heart, much easier and quicker than constantly referring to the chart for motif's stitch placement. Errors are rampant when I attempt such designs.  But I love this project.  So I removed all the diamond shaped elements which gives me more leeway if my placement is off a stitch.  Or two.  What do you think?  Haven't decided on the linen color yet, but it will be dark.
Taking it even further, I rearranged the bottom area, replaced the angel with a larger peacock and moved the bee to the bottom.  More room for errors!  I expanded the top area up a little more too.  Not sure if reworking designs will become a habit to accommodate my lack of stitching enthusiasm.  Seems to be happening more often!  I think making a project simpler for me may be the key to continuing to stitch.  Mojo is still not healthy, I know my patience and tolerance levels, and changes to help prevent reaching them may keep the needle moving. 
I like the final working and feel I can handle this, my next project after the Scottish Initial redux.
There are still a few items for sale on the tab if anyone is interested.  Will keep it up for a few more days.
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Sarah Marchuk said...

Very nice work as always. Do you do the traditional polish meal on Christmas Eve where you have to eat 12 different things and then leave the dirty plates on the table overnight to ensure you have enough to eat till next Christmas?

TheCrankyCrow said...

I love this heart design...but your adjustments have definitely improved it.... Much easier on the eye....the original was a bit too busy. So, your laziness has definite benefits. But, now pray tell...how, exactly, do you "rearrange things" like? I believe in magic, yes...but you have me completely stupefied.... Yikes on the plumbing costs....!! Sunday Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Rugs and Pugs said...

For someone with no stitching enthusiasm, you sure do accomplish a lot...lol! I was wondering the same as Robin...how do you "rearrange"? Not that I stitch much, but it's been decades since I could stitch on dark linen.
Happy to hear Carole is doing better.
Oh, the joys of home ownership.
No snow in northern Ohio. Just frigid with nasty winds.
Hugs :)

Barbara Shores ~ Village Folk Art said...


diamondc said...

Marly: I do like your version much better, it looks less busy, I do like dark fabric, I just go crossed eyed sometimes and need help getting to the bathroom until my eyes get back to normal.
I hope Carole is doing better, your Husband is an Angel to help her out.
So sorry you are having problems, when we replaced out water heater last year we were told appliance's are built to last about 7-8 years yep he was right.
Snowing her now we get out of the very deep freeze to expecting about 6 inch's.


Jeannine520 said...

I like your version without the diamonds and the rearranged parts best, love it! It's so much less cluttered and prettier in it's simplicity.

deb said...

Oh, I *like* that third option! The original feels much too busy and I didn't care for the angel anyway (shrug).

My sympathies on the water (heater?) tank. Have you noticed they never seem to die in the summer?

Margaret said...

Love your stitching -- it's looking great! It does seem that when things break, they break all at once. Hope Carole continues to improve.

Barb said...

I like your design better. The original seems a bit cluttered. So sorry about your water problem. With all the cold we have had here, pipes have been breaking so far we have been lucky!

carol fun said...

I agree with everyone else... your simplified version is much more pleasing to the eye. Sorry about the water tank... water leak problems are always a pain in the neck. Here's hoping we all get some warmner weather.

Marlene said...

I really like your simplified version. I may have to start doing that also.
We're having pipe issues also. We need to replace almost our whole household water line from the house to the street. It goes under our neighbor's house so we're having it rerouted down our driveway. This happens Saturday if it doesn't rain. I live in sunny California but the rain recently has delayed lots of work around the house that needs to get done. It's a necessary fix that needs to be done but at least we don't have to deal with snow. I hope your project and sister's health continue to improve.
Happy New Year.

Truus said...

Like the last version of the heart you re-arranged.
Hope your problems will be solved soon and Carole will in a good health again.
Greetings Truus from Holland

Kathy Barrick said...

I like your version much better Marly! You are brilliant! It's much cleaner and more pleasing to the eye!

Jonette said...

I like your version much better. Less cluttered. So enjoy your blog.

laceystitcher said...

Love your revised heart pattern! The choice of a dark fabric is good too. I hope all of your equipment problems are at a end and everything can get back to running smoothly. Glad Carole continues to improve. Take care, and happy stitching.................

Patti said...

Love your revisions! I change up most things that I stitch - can't help myself ;)
Blessings, Patti

Heritage Hall said...

Your simplified version more eye appealing. Did you ever find out about the
lighter background fabric on the other version you liked? That was quite
"primitive" and seemed easy to work. Sorry about the water issues, but good
to hear Carole's meds are kicking in. She is so blessed to have your care.

Pam Crippen said...
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