Jan 12, 2017


That's what I have.  Mojoitis.  I am trying to start the heart, having decision issues, and that throws water on the few embers left. 
I started with the Charcoal Belfast and for some reason, I can't see well enough to be comfortable.  Using 3.0 mags and I am still hitting the wrong hole, searching, ending one thread off.  Over and over and over.  So I decided to move on to my standby unbleached stiff linen, which means thread color changes, again.  I get so frustrated with the time and effort involved to START a project, that it dampens my enthusiasm.  Happening now. 
So I went back to the Pinterest photo, threw it into Paint, and removed the diamond elements as I did with the black background.  Guess what?  I think it looks just fine.  The stark black accented every stitch but with a lighter background, I like it either way.  So do I follow the chart and change nothing?  It would be easier.  I can leave the diamonds for last and add or not.  This is the photo that made me want to stitch this design and I should have referred to it sooner.  I think it may be WDW Gunmetal linen, and I probably have it.
I create my own problems by making changes.  There are times when stitching should be just stitching.  Not rearranging, not overthinking, not planning something different.  Just stitch.  Pick up the freaking needle and go with it.  If you don't like it, move to something else, make a minor change, but don't let it get to the point of ruining the enjoyment.  My last several projects were changed without charting and they weren't easy. Right now, I need to pick up a simple chart and follow the recommended linen and threads.
It was high 60's today and Friday will be 30. We took Carole to the doc in torrential rains and winds, he was pleased with her progress, and impressed with the size of my cold sore.
Thanks for visiting.
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