Jan 31, 2017

Stupid little things

should not bother me.  Or you!  But sometimes they do anyway and I guess it's just human nature.  One of those things is .... electrical plugs.  Every time I try to plug into an outlet, it won't go.  That wider prong is always on the wrong side.  So I have to flip it over in order to plug it in and that just pops my weasel.  Well no more.  I got a white paint pen for the black and brown plugs and a black marker for the white, and now I can readily see which side should be up.  On my mark, get set, plug!
I chose 422 for the lion instead of the 951, and may use it in a small area at the bottom.  This looks so much better in person.  I wonder if my $5 Tracfone would take a better photo.

Oh look.  White crap.
Might as well snooze.
Thanks for visiting.
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