Feb 3, 2017

Kielbasa and butt bouncing

I had a few requests for the Kielbasa stew recipe which is listed on the recipe blog.
When I went there to see if it was listed, I spotted the Peaches and Cream.  Oh no.  Haven't made that in a while and hoping I can forget about it.  I really would like to give up sugar.  Seems to cause my heart rate to increase and I feel odd.  But I still have elderberries in the freezer for pie!  And six bricks of cream cheese for cheesecake!  And that fabulous fabulous chocolate zucchini bread in the freezer!  I failed to add that one to the blog page and will do that soon.  Can be found here.

And this may be silly, but I love it.  I can't help but bounce my butt and smile when I see it.
After all the hatred and disrespect for others online from the self-righteous, I have decided to stop following a lot of people.  This little ditty is a fun, goofy, innocent change. 

Have a nice weekend.
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