Feb 5, 2017

Holding my breath

I think the old printer is working again.  Why?  I have no idea because I check every week and the black ink would not release.  Today - it happened.  This is the one that prints so much better than any other I have tried, including my new one.  I am still done with boxes but have journals to work on so I will spend the $125 for ink and hold my breath.
 Still need a camera.  Look how horrible these photos have become.
My cousin from MN is coming to stay for a week at about the same time my brother is getting his pacemaker.  He's a nervous wreck because his ferals each have their own space in his garage, porch, and house, none of which allow me near.  They are always secured at night and I think the only option is for him to lock them in the garage with their litter and food.  The only way to enter is through the overhead doors and they will bolt for sure if I lift them.
I had to remove the center area of Rosanna because of that one stitch over error which I failed to remember.  I'll show you what happened with the bell finish (not!) next time.  It would work, but I didn't want to bother.  Lazy daisy, that's me.  Mom wanted to name me Daisy, then Susan, settled on Marlene, and then called me Flossy.  My sister called me Morticia because of my long wild hair.  My brother called me Weed because I grew so tall.  Polish grandparents, Malinka.
Have a great start to another week already.  Geez. 
Thanks for visiting.


Barb said...

That heart is lovely!! Our printer is no where near true colors. Isn't it funny what various people call you? i think we all have stories. My little grandson named Caleb called himself Beedeet for the longest time. That name didn't stick.

Marlene said...

The heart looks great! AND the color and photo too.
Wow...that's a lot of nicknames...were you ever confused as a child?

C. M. Designs said...

Prayers for your brother and hoping that the kitties will be fine. So much to think about.
Don't know about all of the names, but I like "Marly".
We have two printers and neither of them has ink..........I wish it wasn't so expensive.
I hope your week will be a pleasant one.
Charlotte in Va.

Krissy B. said...

Your cousin from MN. may never leave once there since we have -39 this morning and a serious amount of snow tonight and tomorrow. I wish I was coming with him. It would be great to put a face to all those names. Good luck with the kitties and the printer.

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