Feb 6, 2017

More checks

Greetings folks.  February.  Won't be long until we start seeing flowers at the garden centers.
I happened to spot something by accident today and it led to Hands on Designs' website.  You're probably already familiar with the new series of ornaments she featured this past December called 12 Days.  (The photo is from the website).  The linen is Aztec Red gingham from WeeksDW.  How did I miss this?  So I searched and searched, found some on Ebay and ordered a piece. 
Then I got confused.  After searching for more info, I saw the supplies on Needlecraft Corner and their linen states 32 count.  ???  I always thought the Weeks gingham was only 28 count.  Too late, already ordered.  I would have preferred the 32, if it's available.  EDIT-their error, it's 28.
You can read more about this series here http://handsondesign.biz/12-days-hands-on-style/.

While ordering the gingham, I tried to remember the difference between Zweigart and Wichelt so I don't order a linen that I am unhappy with.  Again.  I always thought Zweigart was mentioned as a coarse/stiff linen, but read that it is soft.  Wichelt has more sizing and stiffness.  But.  Although stiffer, the threads are thinner and the linen more sheer.  Zweigart is softer but the threads are thicker, less sheer.  So what the hell?  I can't get thick and stiff in one?  My unbleached yardage is thick, and stiff, and coarse, so maybe the natural/raw fabric has those qualities but not those that are bleached and dyed.  I don't know.  The last piece I purchased is a fabulous color from Wichelt, but it's soft, slippery, and shiny.  I hate shiny linen.  So if I rinse it, will the sizing be removed taking the sheen with it?  Probably be even more soft and limp after.  I give up.  Since I bought quite a bit of WDW recently, I will be using it for smalls.  It's too soft for me but it has a matte finish which is a plus.  Has anyone tried a spray starch on it?  I have an old can and it didn't work very well, maybe there is a brand or product that will add body?
That's all I got.  Confusion.  Nothing new.
Have a good day.


JodiBlonde Fletcher said...

Some people are using the Aztec Red in 32 count but it is not gingham. I think the gingham only is available in the 28.

blue star stitcher said...

The red is a beautiful color, and I did their smaller series of ornaments last year (the chalk ones) and loved them. I always struggle ordering linen online, as I like to feel it first to make sure it is soft enough. But many of them do get nicer once they've been stitched on a bit.

Truus said...

Don't you have a spray for ironing blouses etc to make it a bit stiffer. Perhaps that will make the linen more workable and a bit stiffer.
Love the piece with the doves.
Have a great day
Greetings Truus from Holland

Rugs and Pugs said...

I really need to start stitching again. There are so many new products on the market since I stitched decades ago...lol! You inspire me :)

Anonymous said...

Zweigert is the manufacturer or linens. Weichelt is a distributor of all things needlework. They carry Permin linen from Denmark and that linen is sort of "softer with less body".
I really enjoy reading your blog. Thanks for sharing with the stitching world.
Maria S.
Ontario, Canada

Karen said...

I saw those patterns and liked them. A lot. I am getting some Aztec Red for a drum pinkeep to complete Be Mine Pinkeep Drum from Dulaney Woods Treasure from Etsy. And currently making a pinkeep by Blackbird designs on a gingham linen. The gingham linen is so soft like linen clothing so I do have to monitor and back check every 10 stitches or so to make sure I am on track (been off more than I would like but the effort is beautiful!). I did use spray starch on a finished piece this past weekend. I used my own homemade spray starch from a bottle and I used Faultless spray starch. Both of these I use for my quilting (which I haven't been able to do in months! since I work full time and have had sick and dying puppy and now her brother is sick). Too much information. Anyway, the starch did make the linen stiffer. In the back of my mind I thought of bugs because starch is a sugar and bugs like sugar. But when are the bugs getting in my house to my stitching? Not in my life time! Ha!

Pam in IL said...

When I stitched the Year in Chalk ornaments on the WDW Gunmetal, I sprayed starch on the back side of the linen and ironed it. Made a HUGE difference for me and my method of in-hand stitching. Those fabric pieces were 9 x12 and I don't know how spray starching a large piece of fabric would work. I suppose you could always re-starch it if needed.

Marjorie Downey said...

Weeks came out with 32 count in their more popular colors a couple years ago, Marly. 32 is also my favorite for smalls so I was thrilled!

deb said...

What a gorgeous red! Need to put my blinders back on cause I like the ornies too.

There's a good-quality, name brand linen that I've bought too often (likely because I can never remember what it is!) and the threads are thin and the fabric itself is far too sheer for my taste - it always goes back into the stash box. I do better with the anonymous linens in the box.

For greater stiffnes, I believe you want to use *sizing* rather than starch unless you want to wash it out after you stitch. Something about starch being tasty, but I don't remember if it was to bugs or mice/voles - sorry, quilting tip that hasn't stayed completely in my head.

Barb said...

I do love that red. I am stitching on my first Weeks and it is too soft for me. I can't seem to avoid holes as I stitch. Of course, no one but me will see the holes so it is fine. I don't try to stitch to have my things judged even at a county fair!

diamondc said...

Hi Marley: I have never seen this design before, thank you for the link, I get very confused when choosing fabric counts, sometimes I just want a different count to do a project and then seem to mess the whole project up, oh well it is what it is.
I really like the color of fabric.
I am not sure of about stiffener, I have never used it, good luck.


Mary Margaret said...

Hi Marley,
You have pushed me over the edge....I have been looking at these for a few weeks...now I have to pull the trigger.

So I am looking at the ebay site too....how much of the fabric will I need? Math is not my strong suit.

Hope you can help, and thanks!!

Robin in Virginia said...

I have a friend who loves Weeks' linen, but hates the soft, loose hand to it. She gives it a light coating of spray starch (or maybe sizing) and off she goes.

Carol said...

I've been thinking about purchasing these ornament charts, too, Marly. They are stitched on such a gorgeous and unusual shade for Christmas. I'll be curious to see how you like the linen!

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