Feb 6, 2017


These are the last boxes, unless I find more when I clean out the other closet.  Offered this Wednesday at 8pm EST on the SALE page.
One of each.
Bugle Boy is 7", the tall rounds are 5", green sampler is on tall 4"x6" oval, little primitive is 4".
 Heart is 8"x8" on red.  May have two more soon.

 Will post a reminder before the sale.  No pre-sales.


Frances said...

All look lovely! You do such a good job on those boxes!!

Barb said...

Your boxes are just great. I have3 3 different kinds, a set of three, a Christmas one, and single sampler one. I love them and use them in my decorating. I live where very few traditional things are available so I love having your boxes in my home.

Annmarie said...

They look amazing, as always. The quirky one on the left top is too cute. Love the design and colors.

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