Mar 18, 2017


with wall washing and getting some things in order before company arrives this week.  Decided it would be best to stitch something little.  Couldn't be more appropriate.

I've been having trouble with my printers not being recognized by the computer.  On March 8, Microsoft installed an incorrect driver in their update that affects some devices.  Nice. That's when I lost both printers and haven't been able to get them back, so I assume this is why. If you've been having issue with a linked phone or other devices in Windows 10, this may be the problem.  Their updates are automatic and your computer is turned on and they are installed during down times by Microsoft.  Not a thing you can do to stop it.  I understand that they will find new vulnerabilities and fixes that should be corrected, but it should be my choice to determine which I want installed and when.
Have a good weekend.
Crabass over and out.

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