Mar 18, 2017

Little finish

Wow.  This one was quick and easy.  Mary Little 1840 from Goode Huswife. I changed some floss shades to accommodate the darker linen and made the house a faded red.  Now I have to decide where she will live.  Filled and puffed in a compartment on a leather strapped carrier which happens to be a perfect fit,
puffed out over an old skinny box with a small side compartment for goodies,
or just sewn into a little knob hanger.  I'm thinking knob hanger right now.  I like the carrier best but as a hanger, she can be moved at will and still be nestled in when I want a change.
Good idea.  Twofer.

Just because she's perched on an old student chair doesn't mean she is willing to learn.
Hope your weekend is going well.  May be offline for a few weeks.  Stay well!!
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