Mar 19, 2017

Mary on a shoestring

Hey all.  Spent the morning in Urgent Care with Carole, not heart related, and she will be fine in a week or two.  Came home and decided to finish Mary before I misplace her being that she is so tiny.  Size doesn't really matter because I've lost much larger pieces but it sounded like a good enough reason.  And it's always a brilliant move to tackle a potentially stressful project after a stressful morning.
I used a different method this time, without interfacing.  I still prefer the stability of it but this linen is substantial and I've wanted to try this for a while.  As always I counted out on all sides and removed a linen thread, further out than where the seam would be, and then ran the Frixion pen in that ditch to make sure I could see it at the sewing machine. 
Machine sewed on this line, right side of the linen, while attaching the muslin on the back, creating a visible guide to follow when sewing the backing on right sides together.  Just 1/8" in from this stitched line and I hoped it would line up the linen threads and be rather straight.  Bingo.  Not bad at all.  I wanted something thin and dark brown for the hanger, used a braided brown shoestring.  She fits nicely in the carrier, but with the longer hanger, she can visit more places. 
I have several samplers that hang from the front of a shelf, hanger attached to an object's base.  Nice way to display smaller stitcheries so they are easily seen. I think the pewter is too fussy for little Mary,
so I moved her to a small primitive cupboard.
This was stuffed before, but once we start cleaning walls and clutter, everything is minimized. 
Only half the items are returned to their former position. 
That's all folks!  Once again, loving the very small projects.
Thanks for visiting.
Have a great week.
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