Mar 12, 2017


I had a few unfinished heavy wooden heart boxes from decades ago, only kept the smallest.  Today I finally painted it, to match the little basket.
Used two shades of red over black, tried to get an old look to the smooth wood.
The other red was found on the bottom on my favorite brown 3 gallon crock.  Mark was doing some spring cleaning and loaded the kitchen with the brown crocks and jugs for me to wash.  When I turned it upside down to dry, I realized the bottom is red.  Hmm.  None of the others are and now I know why this piece is not the rich deep brown of all the others.
And while feeding the girls, we caught a glimpse of another red. 
Woody.  Good grief the Pileated is back.  Please stay away from the house Woody!!  You're within 25 feet and we have a Pecker Free zone of 50 so move back!
And the final red, another bag of grapes.  I used almost 2Tbsp of brown sugar in the Greek yogurt and oh my, I need to find my will power.
Have a great start to your week.


Rugs and Pugs said...

You did a GREAT job on the red box. I thought it was an antique.
Pecker free zone. Thanks for the laugh!
Hugs :)

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Marly,
I agree with Lauren about what a wonderful job you did on your red box!! SWOON! I love red AND hearts so you know how I feel about it!!
Your crock with the red bottom looks unglazed and is probably redware!! I have a large collection of brown crocks and jugs like yours and love them, too!
Hope Woody stays outside the zone!
Enjoy your week!
Hearts Hugs~

Rachel said...

Love the crocks and jugs, so pretty. Very lovely painting too!

Mary A said...

You knocked it outta the park with that red box, Marly! It's wonderfully old looking! Give yourself a pat on the back! A woodpecker in Colorado did thousands of dollars worth of damage on my mother's house. Keep woody away, for sure!

C M Designs said...

Beautiful deer, crocks and heart box. You did a great job of making your heart look old.
Now for the woodpecker. He's beautiful but hope he stays away from your house.
Have to go out for the essentials before the snow gets here.
Be cozy and stay safe.
Charlotte in Va.

Margaret said...

Lovely shades of red. So is this the devil who was pecking at your house? I love pileated woodpeckers! But we've had experience with a bird pecking at our house too, so that's no good!

diamondc said...

Hi Marley: I love the crocks, anything old is a wonderful addition to a home.
Your b
Heart box is beautiful.
I love the deer and woodpecker, we have a zone free woodpecker area, however they did not listen.


Vickie said...

Oh that heart box is fabulous Marly! Here we go again with Woody huh?! Rats!

Karen said...

Fabulous photos! Your home is so beautiful and to have deer in the daylight right out the door would be my dream. Our's come at night only. That is one big pecker! I would be afraid too! And I have all confidence you will find your will power. Then you have to do something with it! Ha! But it is easy for me to say as I have not made this salad yet. Have a feeling I will eat it all day too!

Cricket-bug Corner said...

Love every red thing you posted! I miss my pileated!

Krissy B. said...

Marly, We have cedar shakes on our house and have a great deal of trouble with the wood peckers too. They are beautiful but very bad for the house. I love the heart box! How did you get the texture that looks so old? Just love it. Red and green are my favorite colors so I really enjoyed seeing these items. Thanks for sharing.

Krissy B. said...

I just noticed the kitty with the where is MY food expression in the dear photo.

Mary said...

Love the red box, nice job. Since he is not in my are lucky to have that beauty visiting your yard. I got excited we finally got a pair of red bellied woodpeckers here, they are bigger than our resident downy woodpeckers. I here the pleated are huge! It must be wonderful to watch the deer from your windows.

Carol said...

Such a beautiful shade of red you've achieved for your box, Marly!

Your yard looks exactly like our--a quintet of deer visit each dusk to graze right outside our kitchen window and watch the humans eat! Honestly, they just munch away and stare in at us while we are doing the same :)

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