Mar 11, 2017

Ruby Slippers

Before I get to the threads, friends on Facebook are requests from stitchers or primitive decorators, the only reason I visit FB.  Once I accept a request, I see their posts and anything they share including family news of people I do not know.  These photos come up on their posts because they are appalled by what they have seen and are sharing the "news" of disgusting abuse and neglect.  This last one of those two posing over the bloody dog in shock was just too much.  I wanted to clarify that these horrors are not from sites I visit, they come up in friend posts as I review for needlework. 


Anonymous - you asked where I found the Ruby Slipper conversion.  The DMC is 3831 and GAST is Mulberry.  BUT, I found out that is incorrect.  Why?  Monroe's thread lists Ruby Slippers as GAST but it's listed here as Crescent Colours, because that color name is used by both.   I made the error of not reading the column titles and assumed the Ruby was from GAST.
But here's how to do a search by color name anyway (or for anything in a .pdf file) - enter the name of the color in the top search box (circled in yellow) and hit Enter.  It will say that no results were found, or scroll to the first instance of that word which will be highlighted as shown in the lower yellow circle.  Equivalents are shown on the same line, manufacturer at the top.  Unless the color was used by two companies.  Now we're in a pickle.  A Polish dill.  So I have no absolute answer on the correct conversion!  The GAST Ruby isn't listed on any of sites, and this is the case with a few other colors too, maybe the newest ones.

Note - If you ever want to search a document or page online, hit Ctrl and F at the same time and you will get the search box top left.  Saves looking through page after page.  You knew this, right?


diamondc said...

Hi Marly: I never knew this, thank-you for the clarifying this, I now am more savvy.


Theresa said...

Never knew this. A time saver. Thanks. Theresa

Margaret said...

I'm behind on blog reading and trying to catch up. Facebook -- how awful. never go on Facebook these days. Just can't take it in general. Not worth it for me. The anniversary of a loved one's death is always hard, but your father's must be doubly so. Smart TV? Great.

Amanda said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Marly, I did not know this, thanks. And a big thank you for all the time you put into looking for the red and writing about it for me. Appreciate it. U R just 2 sweet.

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