Apr 9, 2017

A little red pouch

That's what I'm leaning toward for a finish.  I already counted and removed a linen thread, planning to finish this into a little something-or-other to hang or set.  When I reached the top of the stairs to my sewing room, I saw this red wool bag and of course, it created confusion and doubt.  But the pouch would be wider to accommodate the stitchery and that shape may not be as attractive.  
The only darker red wool I have is speckled and I prefer the solid so I will need to order online, taking a chance on what shade of red it will be.  By that time, I may just sew it into a little tuck and be done with it.  You know .... patience doesn't reside here.  But I do really like the red background so I'm hoping that will work out.
The diet is very difficult for me but easy for others.  I eat a lot.  And often, always did.  So counting every single item makes those points add up quickly for me and I am hungry.  Really hungry.  I did find two dressings (Walmart) that are helping and am very surprised at the taste.  Most fat free sugar free are blah but these two are really good and zero points.  Sandwiches and veggies taste a lot better with them, not to mention all the salads.
I forgot to mention how pleased I was when I remembered that a latex glove is fantastic to remove cat hair.  I used a Playtex Living glove and just kept swiping the furniture, the hair was pulled from the fabric's weave and just rolled up, easily picked off.  I vacuumed first and was surprised at how much hair was left and removed by the glove.
Have a good day and thanks for visiting.


cucki said...

hello dear...aww its so beautiful..i love it so much.
sending you love x

Rugs and Pugs said...

Your cross will look wonderful on a red pouch!
Looks to be a beautiful day here in northern Ohio. LOTS of yard work to do!

Robin in Virginia said...

I like your little red finish, Marly. Enjoy your day!

Mary said...

I like to finish on the red fabric. Cut back on saying "diet" mentally that word is a curse. Try saying I am cutting down on ..whatever it is. After dinner I only have three SMALL York Peppermint if in house. No tea or cookies that is my weakness. Remember eat breakfast and small lunch. Once it gets warm flavored ice tea or lemonade, check calories on these ( not soda) are your friends when you get the hungry feeling. You can do it, I have the faith.

Anonymous said...

Marly, subscribe to Hungry Girl e-mails, get one everyday. They have great recipes, new stuff at store and also nutrition info and points. She has written a number of recipe books that are lower calorie version on good stuff. May help!

Heritage Hall said...

Many thanks for the Skinny Girl tip, Marly...must try some of this multi-use
ingredient....Hope the hunger pangs diminish...You can do it!!!

C. M. Designs said...

So proud of you ! You know you can have fruit and veggies........no points with them.
My daughter buys Artic Zero ice cream 35 calories in a half cup.....70 in the whole pint. She puts dry PB2 peanut butter on and mixes it in.....She likes the chocolate Arctic Zero.
Tuna sandwiches on on Schmidt 647 bread are low cal. 6g.net carbs, 40 calories per slice and 7g. fiber. Light mayo. The bread comes in white and wheat....good ! I hope you can find it at your store.
We have a lot of grapes in this house. They go like crazy.
Keep up the good work.......you don't have to be hungry on WW.
Richard Simmons used to say "you're not on a diet, you're on a "live-it".
We use smaller plates and little dishes for servings.
Best of luck........you CAN do it.
Charlotte in Va.

Barbara Shores ~ Village Folk Art said...

Hi Marly,
I love 'red work designs'. This reminds me of them. I just love red.
I recently joined WW. Haven't really started yet.
Had some bladder surgery last Wednesday... so my thoughts have been else where. Have had Bladder cancer for 17 years. The blessing is that it is not very invasive. Once I get back to Normal??? I will give it a whirl. It is a life style and prefer it to other stuff. I do like to cook and eat. It will be a challenge especially with Easter Sunday on the horizon. Must have my Ham and Kielbasa. Then back on the wagon. Good luck with your endeavor. Keep us posted.
Happy Easter with Blessings and Peace for ALL,

Margaret said...

Playtex living gloves, huh? I'll have to get some. Who knew? Cat hair all over the place and getting worse here. I love the finish -- looks very pretty.

Cricket-bug Corner said...

Dieting is dreary. I like the Whole 30 because I don't have to count anything and I am not hungry! It is a lot of work though. Yep, latex glove is great for pesky hairs!!

Theresa said...

Love your little red project. Such a pretty red. Best of luck on your diet.

Theresa said...

I see my follow-up email needs to be changed not sure how to do it. So my old email is: thelab@wowway.com. New email is: thelab4@comcast.net

bluetit said...

waouh mustard Dijon!
enjoy Burgundy

Barb said...

I feel your pain about the diet. I will try those dressings! I love that little red design. It will make a cute bag.

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