Apr 6, 2017

Be afraid.

Be very afraid.  I know I am.
My mother saw this t-shirt box online and made one for us.  It's the perfect place to hide when she is "moody".  That word doesn't really come close to her attitude and I can tell you, I don't like it one bit.  Not one bit!   I don't really give a catnip rip about what's causing it.   Can't tell you how many times I hear the door fling open and I see her standing outside, rain and all.  Clothes come off, too.  It's a scary scene folks.  So I'm staying in here until things improve.  I thought it would be better in the evening when she is busy with that little piece of cloth.
But then she starts counting and obscenities ensue.  "Another error!!  Dammit!!" (That's not the word she used.)  Things go from bad to worse and I'm afraid to even look out the hole.  I can't tell you how many times this has happened, and for such a small piece of cloth!  What's her problem?  I heard her say something about developing a new method called "error stitching" instead of frogging.  I've heard of frogs, Nitzy got one last year, but I don't see anything hopping up and down except for her head.   The guy that scratches me told her that it isn't noticeable, she looked at him without saying a word, and he quietly got up and moved to another room.  Personally, the way she stains and beats up those cloth things I don't know why it bothers her.  I think it's because the more errors, the more corrections, the more frustration, the less fun.  Best I stay in my t-shirt box until this blows over.
Have a nice day.
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