Apr 25, 2017


Sun on a cardinal's red.
Spring colors, but I think it's too much in a small piece.
I like the purple of the eyelets, but may remove it from the body. 

Hope you have a great day.


Winnie Nielsen said...

I love that photo with the cardinal on the wooden fence. Between the green grass and the dark fence color, he just looks regal in his bright red feathers. Your new sample is off to a sweet start and I am curious what you end up doing with the purple. It sure is pretty and reminds me of spring tulips.

cucki said...

So beautiful
Hugs and smiles x

Anonymous said...

Hi Marly, I always love your photos! Thank you for sharing them. I agree, the colors are very Spring inspiring and beautiful. Enjoy your day. SAH

C. M. Designs said...

I love your wooden fence and rocks. Mr. Cardinal looks beautiful with the sun shining on him. I have a pair in my yard.......he likes to sit in my red bud tree...almost the same spot every time I see him.
Your new stitches are very nice. I like the purple but I know you like more muted colors. At least you are stitching........I'm not, yet.
Charlotte in Va.

C Reeder PhxAz said...

I love purple - all the time. However I must agree. Keep it on the eyelets and let them be the statement of the piece. Remove the small ones. The eyelets are gorgeous.

Heritage Hall said...

Eyelets are so dominant royal purple that the color
repeated so close robs the thunder. Your eye told you
right. Love the cardinal in all its glory in your
lovely setting.

Kaisievic said...

Wonderful photo of the cardinal and I love the purple in your new stitching.

deb said...

Mr Cardinal looks wonderful on your fence! Little sampler is very pretty, but I agree that the purple smaller letters ought to be different - maybe a medium slightly grayish blue?

Rugs and Pugs said...

I am so not a purple person, but like you I like the purple eyelets, but that's enough.
You are being productive!
Hugs :)

Barb said...

What a pretty photo!

Barbara Shores ~ Village Folk Art said...

Wonderful picture of Mr. Cardinal. Purple is lovely but not too much of it.
Have a pleasant rest of the week... EnJoY with Peace,

Mugwump Woolies said...

Love the purple! We have cardinals all over the neighborhood this year. I just had a pair on the patio by my backdoor and they were actually peeking in the bottom pane of the french door. They must have been saying thanks for filling the feeder!

diamondc said...

Marly: I think the purple is lovely.
The cardinal is beautiful.


RedWorked said...

Wonderful picture !
I love your stitching !

debbie haggard said...

LOVE the tiny sampler but agree the purple is too much/too strong. maybe a more muted tone and a tiny bit less of it?? (the design is very pleasing !!)

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