Apr 19, 2017

Slow progress

on all fronts.  But even slight progress is always good.

This reproduction is very basic.  The same alphabet we have stitched over and over until we no longer need to check the chart.  The bottom section's letters are slightly different.  Still haven't decided if the dividing bands will be light thread, red thread, or no thread.  I just hope I can finish it because the mojo is almost completely gone.  Strange how we turn away from things we have loved for so long.  Sometimes a break is beneficial, sometimes it's a death knell.  My longest was after the shops closed, my stitching friends passed, and there was no online shopping or browsing back then.  All sources and inspiration were gone.  Years later, I started seeing sampler photos on photo sites, and SamplerFarm's page of Carol's work pulled me back in.  Online sources were not as plentiful as today, but eventually I learned how to locate charts and supplies. Several years passed before I started blogging in February 2011 hoping it would be the final push I needed.
I am glad that I chose a small piece as this instead of the Ann Spence or another big girl.  That would have been it!  When the back is much better and I am in a comfortable stitching position, I'm hoping the needle bug will return.
Thanks for visiting.
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