May 11, 2017

The sad, the good, and the boring

I happens in three.  Seems that is what everyone says about deaths.  And so it goes.  One of Mark's golfing friends, a co-worker's son, and my cousin's in-law and friend of ours.  The first was someone who gave up on life.  The second was to drugs which is happening every week in this area, and the last was a beautiful woman who took one step in the wrong direction causing a backward fall. 
I know many of you enjoy walking through cemeteries and taking note of the old stones and dates.  I've lived here all my life and have never driven through this one, the largest I've ever seen, set behind homes off a narrow street.  The monuments are amazing, the hills, landscape, the stone chapel.  I should have taken a few photos while the pink dogwoods were ablaze.  Maybe tomorrow.  The wealthy families from years ago to present day whose namesakes are streets, banks, and stores, and unusually shaped stones that I have never seen before dominate.   Need to return. 
Here's some information for you about dental crap.   Are you a Costco club member?  We weren't, but are now.  The closest one is over an hour from here but items can also be ordered online.  Basic membership is $55 a year.  But.  A benefit of that is their dental plan. For two people, $135 a YEAR.  $0 deductible.  The catch is that you must go to a participating dentist which you can find on their site or call.  Once you choose, if you change your mind and prefer a different participating dentist, you must call with the change.  The amount you pay for crowns, cleaning, fillings, dentures, is drastically less.  Really.  $200 for the first year (membership+plan+$10 fee) is still less than $20 a month for two people.  There are also family options.  For the cost of dental work, well worth looking into and having to go to a participating provider.   Go to their website for details, click on SERVICES, then dental.  It's not an insurance plan with co-pays, it is a discount plan that accepts specified amounts. 
My tooth seems to be electrified from some unknown source, but the severe pain is gone.  Next Tuesday I will see my perio guy (I like him) and he will evaluate the possibility of an implant.  He also agreed to do the extraction in a week or so.  I'm more comfortable with him and will be glad to wait. 
No projects started yet.  I am thinking about charting another miniature.  If I did the odd shape of a pear once a month, why not a miniature?  A little late in the year to start a monthly ornament for a feather tree but what the hell?  If I do I do if I don't I don't.  To me, a sampler contains the alphabet and trying to vary that over and over for such a small design may not be easy. 
Bought flowers today wearing a heavy jacket in cold winds.  Got Carole's for her, and decided to stop procrastinating, over thinking colors.  I just bought what I always do - Vista Bubblegum Petunia.  The pink is outstanding, the growth better than any other petunia, and one fills a barrel.  So I bought 3 hanging baskets and one in fuchsia, that's it.  I waste too much time trying to mix and plan when in the end, half do not do well.  I can always count on the Bubblegum.
Jean Bee, you are no-reply, no email listed in your profile, I cannot answer your inquiry.
That's it.  Hope your week's end leads to a fabulous weekend.


Dirt Road Primitives said...

Where are you located? I thought Ohio...I looked none in Ohio have a dental plan....I have dental insurance through my husband but have maxed it out since they only give you $1500 a year, just had root canal Monday in 6 weeks a crown is getting started $825 out of pocket....yikes

Thank you

Linda said...

Thank you for the Costco information. We've been members for years, but didn't know about the dental. Glad your pain has lessened. There's nothing worse. Hopefully when all that is complete, you'll feel like a "new" woman. We're on the other side of the state, but understand your thoughts on the weather. Enough, already. Feel better.

Vickie said...

You bet the pink is outstanding!! That said, did I buy my only petunias this year in pink? NO. ME!! Well kinda pink. They are called Johnny Flame. :D

Carol said...

Interesting to read about the Costco program, Marly--will definitely keep that in mind for when we retire! Are you talking about the Costco in Cranberry? If so, that is 10 minutes from me... If you are ever there, maybe we could meet up for lunch.

How sad to read about the latest deaths in your world. The comment about the woman who took one step in the wrong direction caused my heart to skip a beat as that could have been my husband two years ago this month. The fact that he came through his fall down our front stairs was a true miracle in my opinion. So many others are not as lucky...

Crumby weather for my mom's 90th on Sunday :( Oh, well, we weren't planning on being outside anyway. But, it sure is depressing for mid-May!

Cricket-bug Corner said...

I am so sorry to hear you have had so many deaths in your life. I hope your tooth issues get worked out - worse pain ever.

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