May 11, 2017

The Costco plan

Received a few emails about not being able to find info about the Costco dental plan.  Here's what to do to find a dentist in your area. 
I'm in PA and couldn't get info on providers through Costco's website so I called the phone number and found that the plan is Delta Dental USA through Costco, not Delta Dental PPO.

Go to this link

Option 1.
Under MEMBERSHIP PLANS go down to Costco and click on that. 

When the window opens, go to the right hand column "find a dentist", enter the mileage you are willing to travel, and then your zip code.  You should see a listing of providers.   Print the page or make a note of those available.  I entered a zip for other states and chose a 60 mile radius and got lots of hits.

Option 2.
Click on above link and just enter your zip on the right column, chose DeltaDentalUSA in the Select Network drop down menu, hit search.

It's not easy to navigate but you can call the customer service line 800-422-4234 and request help, you can also get an application to fill out and mail in.  If it is received before the 21th of the month, you will have coverage the first day of the following month.  It's confusing.  Please call the number and get help if you have questions.  Well worth it!

Hope this helps.

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