Jun 29, 2017

I am directionally challenged

and can get lost on a one way street.  This won't help at all, but ain't it sweet for $15?
My birthday gift to myself.  Yes, I am cheap!  They had one left and I may get it for Carole.  She's really down in the dumps about the nerve block not working.  Found her favorite purse hidden under a pile at Kohls (in metallic!) which cheered her a little.  Maybe a rotating rooster will bring a smile.

Where the hell did June go?


Vickie said...

Hey now! It can't be a birthday gift to yourself if ya give it to Carole!! Don't know where June went, but your petunias are FABULOUS!!

Maureen said...

Love it! I too am directionaly challenged. Even with GPS if it tells me to head N S E or W, I am lost.
My husband is a whiz finding his way around and can't wrap his head around the fact that if I didn't wear my wedding ring I'd even be pressed into thinking for a minute as to right and left. Hey we can't all be perfect!

Jacqueline said...

It sounds like there are a lot of us that can't find our way around the block. My kids tease me that if they put me in a closet, turned out the light, turned me around, I wouldn't find my way back out. And yep, they are right.

You deserve every birthday gift you want to give yourself.

Rugs and Pugs said...

If you figure out where June went, please let me know!
Cute little weathervane!
Hugs 😉😉😉

Barb said...

Your are such a great sister. I love that little weather vane!

C. M. Designs said...

Love your rooster addition to your garden. Your petunias are lovely. Such a joy to have in a garden.
Have a marvelous 4th holiday. Time sure is flying.
Charlotte in Va.

Truus said...

Love your weathervane but isn't there an otherone for Carole? This is your birthday gift and you disearve it to have this for yourself!
Have a great day
Greetings,Truus from Holland

Maggee said...

Love that rooster weathervane! Love it! It is good to know there are others who are directionally challenged. If I can get to west, I can figure the rest. For some reason... perhaps because I grew up in California...I need to start with west. Even tho East is the front of my house, and the Atlantic ocean is right here! Oh well... we survive!

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