Jun 30, 2017

Messing with perfection

I should be flogged with 20 skeins of floss.  You know by now that I change many charts because
a) I prefer other colors
b) I don't like the linen
c) I want an easier stitch
d) I want less clutter
e) I am too lazy for its entirety
f) all of the above

But to change a Nash?  Polly has been bumped aside until this is completed which should be very soon.  I'll do the fill work while sitting outside.  I changed the linen from the gray to brown but am using the threads.
So what did I change in the design?  The top.  I love stitchery in heart shape, but not so much little hearts in a design.  See the row at the top in the light pink?  The red line is where the top border moved down and covered the hearts except for the bottom stitch which I covered with white.  I like it, more me.  I will probably move the dogs a stitch higher.
My friend is in a new house and I gave her two linen towels, one red, one gray.  Each has a large hand embroidered crab at the bottom.  She won't ever forget who they are from.
Have a great weekend.


CJ said...

I like the brown linen. As for your changes you make to patterns, floss, fabric, etc I expect them. If you did not change a thing I would suspect that you are heavily medicated and in need of an intervention. Keep changing it I love to read about them because I am too chicken to do it myself. Enjoy your day!!

diamondc said...

Hi Marly: I am like you I change color of threads and fabric, sometimes fabric count.

Happy Fourth

Jacqueline said...

You are so funny. Happy 4th.

C. M. Designs said...

Happy 1st of July..........I hope your 4th is very enjoyable.
You are a "pioneer", in my opinion, when it comes to cross stitching. I would never be so brave.
Charlotte in Va.

Mary said...

You are so daring, I get wild and sometimes change fabric . Then worry that the floss will not be correct! Have a Happy Fourth!

Barb said...

I like the changes. You are brave,I change colors but not usually designs, you just might be inspiring me. I like the idea of getting rid of all the little hearts.

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