Jun 7, 2017

Once again,

I am changing the colors.  This time the change will be from mono to multi.  Originally the plan was to use a dusty blue instead of red, then I pulled the green linen with light thread, now it's something else.  It's always something.  I would like to add a blue or green to this mix, may switch 3830 for it.  Or not.

On Monday I have to take Carole for an epidural at the hospital instead of the doc's clinic, they said to plan on a four hour visit.  A single color project would be a good choice for my Magma so I may do this sweet design both ways.  Or take a book.
Her landscaping is finished and Mark planted two tomatoes (Sweet 100 and Sugary) in a large pot for her, surrounding it with chicken wire to keep her raccoons out.  All I have to do is transplant the Bubblegums into 12" pots for better health and we are finished there.  For now. 
Still no bull's eye ring around the tick bite so I think it will be fine.  Since both my doctor and the clinic are following the new protocol, I will follow their advice and just watch the area.
Thank you for the suggestions for my grieving pal.  I visited the store and she was not in at the time (customer service) but several employees that know we talk, offered an update.  I mentioned the idea of a memory box and it seems, she already has one.  Seven foster children over the years, one died at 16 in her care. 
It is predicted to be 90 degrees this Sunday.  I still have the furnace on in the mornings and am wearing sweatshirts!  Never before has it been this chilly for weeks into JUNE!!
Hope you all have a good hump day.


cucki said...

You are in my prayers and thoughts x

Barbara Shores ~ Village Folk Art said...

Hi Marly, looks like 'wait and see' is in your favor. Hope it continues.
It will be in the upper 90's today. No need for heating, but we do need the AC going.
OK with me, now I have an excuse for doing what I want, not what needs to be done.
Looking forward to your final choice of floss colors. I LOVE muted ones.
Thanks for your very sweet and encouraging comment yesterday. I finally fixed the problem with 'copy and paste'. I have NO knowledge about computers...just got lucky.
Enjoy the day, keep safe, healthy and happy, Barb

αχτίδα said...

Ωραία χρώματα , ναι το μπλε μπορεί να συνδυαστεί.Καλή μέρα όλη μέρα!

C. M. Designs said...

Thoughts and prayers for you and Carole and Mark.
It sounds like summer is on it's way. Have enjoyed the cooler days.
Your friend sounds like a wonderful person.........like you.
Charlotte in Va.

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