Jun 8, 2017

After the fact

Do you always regret getting rid of things, or just some times?  Most times?  It wasn't until I received the newsletter from Rebekah Smith that I realized those tall tiny boxes were for wool applique.  They were old and much better quality than what I could get today.  Too late.  Those were burned.  I saved one box from each of the wooden styles that went to Goodwill.  They were just the unfinished lightweight wood I found over the years at craft stores, some small, some large.  So today I decided to paint one and I really like the result. 

I may add a black wire latch to the front, maybe a base with feet. 
I'm sure if I would have kept them, they would still be taking up space in my cupboard, serving no purpose. 
But I would like another.
Sorry Lisa, I can't respond to your question, you are no-reply.

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