Jul 25, 2017


Hi folks. I did not know this could happen, so thought I would mention it.  Friends that lived here in PA moved to South Carolina two years ago.  Their cell phone numbers including PA area code did not change, and will not change with the move to another state of a different area code.  During an emergency, 911 was called for an ambulance, and ..... it went to their old address in PA.   The PA dispatch had no idea they moved and called them back, saying they were at the location but the patient wasn't.  So a neighbor (at the new home) offered their cell phone which brought the needed help to the correct address, after 45 minutes.  I'm sure this is an isolated instance because the cell tower that received the call should have pinged their location, and the dispatcher should have verified the address. Neither happened.  They believe the call went directly to the PA 911 because they said "we have your address and are sending help immediately".  How could this happen?  To be safe, check with your cell phone carrier if your phone has another state's area code.  Always have them verify the correct address if you call 911.  And if they fluff you off saying it could never happen, it did in South Carolina.  
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