Jul 23, 2017

Give us this day...

our daily bread.  I switched to low carbs and high protein instead of following Weight Watchers and have lost pounds. 
Still eating fruits, veggies, and lots of cottage cheese, eggs, meats, even bacon PLUS my three daily Dove dark chocolates.  I found a bread that I think is fabulous when watching carbs and calories.  It's very soft and tastes great.  I do not like many of the whole wheat varieties that seem to disguise anything between the bread with overpowering bitterness.  Two slices are 18 carbs less the 5 gr fiber for a net 13, plus 6 gr of protein! 

My favorite treat this past week has been whipped cream cheese and a little jelly over a slice.  Yummo.  I also stick slices in a low oven to dry for croutons.
This is whole grain and includes whole wheat, bulgur, rye, oats, barley, corn, millet. The two breads I used to make every week were oatmeal honey (L.O.V.E.) and my own dark whole wheat covered with seeds, not bitter at all.
You know you've reached senior status when you purchase more ready made foods that were previously home made foods.
The brat pack finally came in and all were de-flea'd, only one drew my blood.  But as usual, most of it is on their hair.  Missy is more fuzz than hair and even parting it, her skin is not visible.  They are recuperating.
Possible storms again this afternoon.
Working on Polly's big house, changed a color, hope to finish soon.
Thanks for visiting.
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