Jul 19, 2017

Page 4

...done, as you can see in the craptastic photo.  After two more short lines, on to the motifs and house, pages 5 and 6.  I'm very surprised that I'm this close to completion because the slump is still hanging heavy. 
This sampler was too appealing to not stitch even though much larger than the small projects I've kept to.  Am I ready for one of the larger reproductions with more detail?  Hell no.
 About the kidney thing - iced tea will not bother you and yes green tea has health benefits.  But anything in excess can have unintended consequences.  On hot days throughout the summer, I sometimes consumed a half gallon, the only liquid I would drink, which is another bad habit of forgoing water.  Black tea is worse than green, but more than 5-6 cups a day of either can affect the kidneys.  A cup of tea is less than half the amount of an iced tumbler, so my consumption was pretty high.  This doesn't mean everyone will have the same reaction but I do not have HBP, family history, or diabetes which are main factors of kidney disease, so this was the doctor's assessment of cause.  I've researched this online also and read about oxalate and polyphenols (in teas) being detrimental to kidneys in excess.
Don't be concerned about your tea!  If you drink it excessively, just cut back. I have for the last six months and I will get test results Friday.  Fingers crossed.


Barb said...

Sure hope the test comes out good. What a delightful sampler. I love the wording.

CathieJ said...

Good luck on your test results. You are correct that anything is excess is not good for you. Surprisingly even excess water can be bad. Love that sampler.

CJ said...

Maybe you could dilute you tea with more water. I love tea but only in the morning. It has to be hot with milk, no sugar. I try to limit myself to 2 cups by 10 am.

Hope all the test results turn out good.


The Eveningstitcher said...

OH...I'm keeping my fingers crossed for your lab results to be good, Marly! My friend drinks green tea like it's going out of style...I'd better warn her! I love ice tea...and could drink a gallon of it!

I love the sampler! I have it also but haven't started it yet. I'm stitching one from Scattered Seed SAmpler then I'm on to Polly Cole.....your stitching is beautiful! You sure stitch fast!

Kristen said...

I hope you get good results!

C M Designs said...

Your sampler is beautiful. I still wish I could see or know how to stitch on linen or something smaller than Aida 14.
I love my Lipton hot tea in the morning. Usually only one cup with two slight sugars and skim milk.
I hope the result of your test will come out okay.
Sure could use a break in the heat. Weather advisory today here in my neighborhood.
Charlotte in Va.

Robin in Virginia said...

Polly is looking quite lovely, Marly. I hope your test results turn out fine for you. I have been trying to send you our heat, but so far it hasn't headed to your house.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Just getting caught up here...
I think you are making great progress on Polly. You get more accomplished in your slump than I ever do and I'm not in a slump...lol!
Your petunias are gorgeous!
Some friends threw a surprise 40th birthday party for me...at 8:00 in the morning...at my house. But I was only 39...lol! OMG that was a LONG time ago.
I am not happy that July is half over, either!!!
Hugs :)

Heritage Hall said...

Have been sharing the word about excessive tea...so many are into the green these days. Hope your test results are fine. Just love Polly - my, you are swift.

Theresa Laboda said...

The sampler is beautiful. I love my tea but I drink a lot of decaf wonder if that counts?

Vera said...

Oh gosh! Hope your tests come out ok. Polly is looking great!! and those birds - so cute.

Carol said...

That IS a big piece for you, but I can well understand why you just "had" to stitch it!

Interesting about the tea--who knew? I am not a tea or coffee drinker--just good old H2O for me with a rare glass of wine or margarita now and then :) I do hope your test results are okay, Marly!

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