Jul 21, 2017


You would think with a motif this simple, colored to make the placement so much easier, there would be few errors if any.  You would be oh so wrong. 
But I still love this.  The 3864 is a pink that isn't and perfect.  The house may be changed to a very light blue or gray.  I'm sorry I didn't dye the fabric a little darker and use the lighter threads as called for, but this is nice also.   Just a few needed changed because they were not visible on this color linen.
I saw two linens that melted my chocolate, both from Patti.  One is her finish on Murky from PTP and the other color is unknown to me but shown on her post, a Nash kit from County Sampler that I cannot get out of my head.  I may not want to stitch, but the desire for luscious linen is not fading.
Have a great weekend.

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