Aug 15, 2017

A few more

If anyone has suggestions as to how to offer the pieces, please do so.  I don't know if I should just open a sale page and list them all or a few a week.  I doubt they will sell for a while.  It's like trying to sell eggs in a hen house.  You're all stitchers!  Why would you want stitchery!
Took all afternoon to get the TV set up at Carole's and then 2 HOURS on the phone with Direct TV to get an upgraded box in order for the new UHD to look like it.  I sure hope it helps with the clarity, otherwise, pack it up and exchange.  The tech was very very nice and polite but I had a very hard time understanding him, more difficult than any other tech conversation.  But the new box is coming Wednesday and we're keeping fingers crossed.
That's all folks.
Probably the last of the sale items but you never know.
Have a good hump day.


Mary Locklear said...

I enjoy your blog. . .your stitching and all the other things you share. I wanted to let you know of a site on facebook where people sell completed stitched pieces. It is The Finishing Touch. It's a free member site you may want to check out as a source to sell your treasures - yes they are all treasures.

Maureen said...

First of all Marly, my stitchings look more like a 4th graders project. Yours are little works of art. Knowing how hard you work to get each piece just so makes them even more of a treasure to us that visit you here.
As for how to sell, ultimately I'd say do what's easiest for you. A selling page here would be nice since we don't all follow facebook. If you list them all at once that would mean fewer trips to the post office when they sell? Again, whatever is easiest and less of a hassle for you

debbie haggard said...

Marly, why would stitchers want to buy finished items?!? To be able to own a beautiful piece that didn't take (me) hours and hours to complete! I have my eye on several of yours that I would be honored to own and am patiently waiting for the sale :-)

Barb said...

I think you could sell your things quite easily. They are lovely and we wouldn't have had to do all the work.

Heritage Hall said...

Although a stitcher, I already have my eye on two I would love
to have. Fear not, they will all be gone in no time.

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