Aug 13, 2017

Where's the heat?

Hi folks.  Hope your weekend went well.  We were close ... but still haven't needed the air conditioner in weeks.  August is half over.  So upset the end is near and we've had such a short summer.  Jacqueline was surprised that I wanted a hot summer after complaining about my hot flashes (for years), but when I am hot and sticky from the weather, I do not notice them much at all.  As soon as I am cooled off, they make me feel like a roasted marshmallow melting off the stick.
Anyway, I wanted to mention that if anyone needs an answer to a question, please click the link to email me directly.  There are so few left that are not no-reply and I have no way to respond.  That being said, here's a few tidbits of info.
Yes, stuffed cabbage freezes well. 
Watching my carbs is not technically a diet.  I just read labels and try to hold the total to around 50 carbs a day, some days less, some days more.   Lots of info online about counts in various foods.  Dove dark is 5 carbs.  Blue Bunny Sweet Freedom chocolate ice cream is fabulous and actually has fiber which can be deducted from the carb count, very doable!  If I have a cupcake day, I am just more strict the next.  I love meat and layered salads, mayo based dressings, so this works better for me than WW did.
The design shown in the selling photo with the large bird is Random Thoughts by Sheepish Designs.
I don't know when the sale will be, hoping to have decisions made this week and sale next week.  I thought Ebay may be easier for me but I may just list them on the blog page.  I added a few more, not absolutely sure, still gathering and thinning.
I'll post the photos and descriptions ahead of the sale and give notice of when it will be.
I will mention that none of them will be able to be disassembled and framed.  I cut my seam allowance short and usually seam close to the stitching, nothing at all left for mounting or framing.  The Random Thoughts design was at first a large drum, which I tired off, and changed to shelf display.
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Barb said...

So glad you found a diet that is working. I'm doing ok on WW but the lose is very slow. I may try the carb thing. It worked well for me years ago. You just needed our summer!

Unknown said...

buongiorno mi chiamo Franca ho 52 anni e come puoi capire scrivo dall'Italia Liguria per la precisione sono appassionata di cucito e ricamo non ho un blog ma sono su Facebook e Instagram vado sempre alla ricerca di blog nuovi per carpire le tecniche e perchè no fare nuove amicizie complimenti per i tuoi lavori e spero in una futura amicizia

Vickie said...

The pieces you are selling are so pretty Marly. Good for you finding a system that you can work with and not be miserable eating yucky stuff.

Robin in Virginia said...

Good morning, Marly! I meant to post yesterday that your cabbage rolls looked fabulous. Happy to hear that you have found a way to watch your diet. Good to know about the Dove chocolate!

The Eveningstitcher said...

I"m Doing the carb thing too (except for today...we went to Five Guys for burgers and fries...ugh).....I think I've lost a few pounds, but the most thing is the swelling in my feet and legs have gone down tremendously.....actually...they're not swollen at all.. I don't know how this would have helped...but it has. Love your stitched pieces!!

Carol said...

I, like you, feel a bit cheated at this so-called summer of ours! I don't ever remember wearing my white fluffy bathrobe as much as I have this summer--very weird as it is my winter robe :)

Lovely pieces that you are putting up for sale! Continued good luck on the diet, Marly! How much are you aiming to lose? Glad the Dove still fits in to your daily eating plan. I've gotten hooked on those giant chocolate bars that Trader Joe's sells and can't imagine my day without a few pieces :)

Pam in IL said...

We've had more heat and humidity this summer than I can remember in past summers and it's been nice not needing the air conditioner for the last week. I'm one of those people whose allergies get worse in air conditioning so I appreciate every day I can have the windows open. I agree that summer is too short. Your pieces for sale are lovely. Sounds like your diet is working well for you.

Anonymous said...

I am a stitcher but I would be happy and honored to purchase some of your lovely work!

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